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Easton 6.5
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Urbncwby 27-Sep-20
BOHNTR 27-Sep-20
12yards 28-Sep-20
Jagwab 29-Sep-20
craigmcalvey 29-Sep-20
Urbncwby 29-Sep-20
From: Urbncwby
Does anyone have any experience with the Easton 6.5 Hunter Classic shafts? Interested in feedback on them vs. the Easton Bloodline.

I love mine

From: 12yards
I think they are basically the old Beman ICS Hunters. So they are a solid, workhorse, blue collar type arrow. I've been hunting with the ICS Hunters since 2008 and they have been great and durable.

From: Jagwab
I'll 2nd 12yards......I believe its an upgraded carbon (but not 100% certain). Basically a remarketing of the Beman ICS. As were the Easton Powerflights (which I still shoot), that mirrored the Beman ICS Bowhunter. I do like the new shouldered inserts. A solid hunting arrow with decent GPI.

From: craigmcalvey
What’s the difference between the hunter classics and the hunter? I’ll need to get some new sticks after this season and am a tightwad. Can buy 2 dozen of these for the price of axis or fmjs.


From: Urbncwby
There are 3 versions. I believe hunters are .006 straightness, hunter classics are .003 and match grade are .001.

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