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Hip/Leg mounted bow sling
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Teeton 28-Sep-20
WapitiBob 28-Sep-20
Teeton 29-Sep-20
GhostBird 30-Sep-20
Lost Arra 30-Sep-20
From: Teeton
I have two, the ones that hook to your belt and then around your left let for right hand shooters, but the pocket for the cam on them are to small for my new Bowtech Revolt. Whats new, thats good out there? That will work with larger cams. Brand, model ?? Thanks Ed

From: WapitiBob
Message Heather Gore on facebook; she might make one for you.

From: Teeton
Ill give it a shot. Tanks WapitBob

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
I made my own from paracord.

From: Lost Arra
You might take a look at Montana Bow Slings. I do not own one but I'm considering it.

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