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Cell Cam Antenna booster Suggestions?
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Bucbuster 01-Oct-20
kota-man 01-Oct-20
Knife2sharp 02-Oct-20
milnrick 02-Oct-20
Adak Caribou 02-Oct-20
Bucbuster 02-Oct-20
Bucbuster 09-Oct-20
From: Bucbuster
Can get enough signal to work cellphone but can't get a cellular trail cam to lock into a signal. Was looking to by an antenna booster or new antenna. Looking for ideas. Tried a Spypoint and Tactacam to no avail. Thx

From: kota-man
I agree..whatever they put in a Tactacam is “special”. Super signal strength.

From: Knife2sharp
Bucbuster, did you try SpyPoint antenna booster for their cams, or just the SpyPoint cam itself? Also, regarding SpyPoint, are you using a Verizon or Nationwide cam? Although I have two Link Micros, one Verizon and one Nationwide, they're pretty much the same; however, the three Nationwide Cell-Links tend to show 50% strength at times, even being in the general vicinity as the LMs. Nationwide pretty much covers all other carriers, excluding Verizon, so it includes AT&T, T-Mobile/Sprint and any others.

From: milnrick
Tactacam Reveal, using them around the ranch including one monitoring our driveway. Signal is awesome, response time is lickety split.

Tried a Moultrie 6000 cell camera - dumped it after a week.

From: Adak Caribou
We were not getting enough signal through our trail cam so hooked this antennae up to it and it worked great. Ran it up a long pole to gain elevation. Wilson Yagi Directional Antenna, Wide Band, 50ohm

From: Bucbuster
Thank you for all the responses. Only running stock antennas. I downloaded the app for Tactacam but did not buy a plan yet. When turned on it did say searching for reception. And then failed. Am I understanding correctly that you need to buy a plan before it will lock into a signal? Thx

From: Bucbuster
Update: Tactacam plan set up and in place and is now working in the area where my Spypoint link micro wouldn't.

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