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From: Jpayne
66lb bow, 300spine, 29.5 inch arrow with 150gr up front. Will I weaken my spine too much if I add another 50grains? All the charts I look at don't show anything heavier than 150 for tip weight. Also it's a compound. -Jeff

From: geewhiz
I highly doubt it, but I'm not very smart. 300 is a pretty stiff spine. Try it and see. You can buy tuning kits with all different tip weights for cheap from 3rivers.

From: bigdog21
add knock weight will make it stiffer

From: Jpayne
I wanted more foc but wondering if 300 spine is okay or should I bump draw weight down or got to 250spine so I don't make the arrow too weak. Or just stay with 300 and 150 upfront. -Jeff

i shoot 68 lbs and all the charts tell me 350 or 340. Tryin to stay around 44o grain arrow. Sounds like you have a plenty stiff arrow to add more weight. But my freezer is empty so dont take my word for anything...

From: BUCKeye
Shoot a few bareshafts and find out

From: Tilzbow
Assuming you’re shooting a drop away rest, I’d go to a 250 spine. It’s easy to be under spined but nearly impossible to be over spined. This ain’t 1990 and we aren’t shooting flippers and Berger buttons! Too bad Easton's Tune Guide hasn’t caught up....

From: Franklin
I just did the exact same thing as you Jpayne....only a much lower draw I shoot .400 spine out of my Hoyt Defiant Turbo at 59 lbs. I put 50 additional grains up front in the inserts and shot a perfect bullet hole through paper with no adjustments.

Unless you are right on the border which I don`t think you are you should be fine.

From: APauls
Throw a broadhead on and see how it flies!

The fact is we usually start with the spine chart, then shooting paper etc etc. I don’t actually give a rip what kind of rip I get if my Broadheads are darts lol. Fact of the matter though, is that paper tuning is usually the quickest way to get there.

Sounds to me like your rig is already tuned well with your current setup. So don’t change a thing, grab the 150gr head and see how it goes. 2 years ago I was shooting 100gr heads and then went moose hunting. I tied a 150 on and it still shot like darts. No need to change anything of it doesn’t need changing. If you don’t have a 150gr head to test, borrow one from someone that does and simply give it a whirl. I bet it flies true.

From: JusPassin
I assume your shooting with a mechanical release on your compound. If your limb timing is correct theoretically spine shouldn't be and issue.

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