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Best Colorado Unit with 12 points
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skibuoy 02-Oct-20
skibuoy 03-Oct-20
lineman21 03-Oct-20
cnelk 03-Oct-20
sticksender 03-Oct-20
Ucsdryder 03-Oct-20
Hoot 03-Oct-20
BULELK1 04-Oct-20
altitude sick 04-Oct-20
SDHNTR(home) 04-Oct-20
Firsty 05-Oct-20
txhunter58 06-Oct-20
skibuoy 13-Oct-20
From: skibuoy
I would appreciate your thoughts. Looking to do a hunt next fall with my son as his college graduation present. He's got 11....I have (lets just say) more... Thanks!

From: skibuoy
I forgot to mention, we are out of state/non resident.

From: lineman21
For archery, you are in no mans land. Not enough for 76 and way more than required for 49 or 66. I too reside in no mans land. I’m wanting to dump points next year but having a hard time deciding on where to go.

From: cnelk
There aint nuthin wrong with using more PPs than need to go hunting - especially with your son.

49 should be on your short list

From: sticksender
I noticed that your thread title states 12 points, but in your post you state 11. Not that it really matters either way I guess, since there's actually no archery elk hunt that needs more than 7 for a NR, until you get way up the list to unit 40, which will take 15 next year for a NR. Most other high-demand hunts take 24 or more. But most of the modest-demand limited hunts can be drawn with 3 points or less. Unit selection would somewhat depend on the type of hunt you want, including trophy potential, terrain type, access type, camp type, outfitter vs DIY and etc. You might consider hunting an OTC unit, and the both of you keep building points.

From: Ucsdryder
I would be very tempted to burn his points next year then yours the year after. Killing 2 elk is tough. Why not have 2 years of amazing hunts?!! Especially when you figure it out the first year!

From: Hoot
That’s some good advice John. Dedicated callers are a good idea, elk hunting that way is certainly a team sport.

I too was thinking unit 40 for a suggestion.

Whatever ya decide, enjoy the time with your Son!

Good luck, Robb

Great suggestion above concentrating on one tag at a time. Unless going on good private land or spending 2-4 weeks hunting NF.

Killing 2 bulls in a week can be tough. My last 3 elk hunts. I’ve been helping a first timer.

I didn’t kill an elk on any of those. This year I never carried my bow because I concentrated on my Son in Laws hunt. It’s as exciting, even more for me than shooting one. I wish I would have known the hunting was going to be so tough this year. And I wasn’t going to carry my bow. I wouldn’t have bought a bull tag. Maybe just a cow tag. :^)

From: SDHNTR(home)
40 took 14pts this year!

From: Firsty

From: txhunter58
Or you can do an OTC unit and pay a trespass fee for private land. At your level, you won’t be having a great shot at a 300 plus bull anyway. But I promise you that any ELK with a bow is a trophy. Even a cow! I also like the choice of either sex tags that many units give you. For about $2-3000 each you can get access to some good private ranches if that is doable. And you both still have your points. LearnIng the ropes before you use your points will pay dividends later on a more trophy type hunt.

From: skibuoy
Thanks very much guys, I'll consider the 1 tag hunt....He killed a massive cow on a private land hunt some years ago, and I've killed a few elk over the years. So, not a first-time hunt for either of us. Its become too expensive and painful to continue to build points in Colorado, at least as a non-resident. I was thinking "one more hunt" and move on to other pursuits. But maybe 2 more hunts makes more sense. I appreciate the ideas and input!

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