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The best chance to get an elk
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From: Wonderlust
Week 2 or 4 in September 2021

From: Dale06
I think it depends a bit on where you are going, and private or public land. In my view, week three might be best. But if I had to choose between 2 and 4, I’d take 4.

Way more details needed......

From: Mule Power

From: jordanathome

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From: paul@thefort
I killed last years bull on the third day of the Sept season. And this year, I missed a bull on the third day of the season but killed a bull on Sept 16th all in the same area and all shots were over a wallow/small wet meadow. While I have chased a few bulls during the rut/bugling phase and have been successful, I like the bed to feed early season as being more predictable but maybe to some not as exciting as the rut phase.

From: DonVathome
Tough question. Really tough. Depends on a lot. Hunting pressure? Any elk or trophy bull?

From: Michael
Every bull I have shot has been in week 2.

A wise man once told me the 7th is a remarkable day. The first cow in an area comes in heat that day.

From: Rocky D
X2 Week 3 for me without knowing any other variables.

Agree with Paul early can be good if you know the area well or can actually scout before you hunt.

Based on my experience more inexperienced hunters seem to do better when their bugling. Cold calling and bulls coming in quiet seems to weigh on their patience.

From: Monarchcx
I vote week 4

From Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Idaho even Colorado, I've bow harvested a bull elk in any one of the 4 weeks of September.

Double check any overlapping hunts like muzzy deer or elk or an early rifle cow hunt ect... Myself, I like to avoid those overlap weeks.

Good luck, Robb

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