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Free range axis deer
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chasintheslam 03-Oct-20
Zebrakiller 03-Oct-20
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Waterfowler 04-Oct-20
Spiral Horn 04-Oct-20
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drycreek 04-Oct-20
Looking for recommendations on Texas free range axis deer hunts preferably hard horn time of year with a bow. Thanks in advance

From: Zebrakiller
If you have FB go on texas exotic and bartrts few guys on there, I hu t them on a 20,000 acre high fence ranch never seen a more wild deer than Axis spooky guys and awsome hunt

From: ahunter76
I hunted down around Bracketville, Tx (East of Del Rio) & we saw more road kill Axis than any other animal on the roads. Locals said they were every where. Maybe google search for that area. Texasbowhunter message board (Rate the day lease) might give you some information also.. Those fellas are pretty decent on pointing you in the right direction. I killed on several years ago & it was not easy.

From: Waterfowler
Pope Bros guide service. Lots of deer , very difficult hunt. Axis are on point.

From: Spiral Horn
+ 1 for Pope Brothers. They know the game and are connected to everyone - good operation. But know going in that while they’ll take a bow hunter and do their best, they’re not huge fans. Same with a lot of the ranches they hunt.

I had a terrific hunt for both axis and blackbuck with Judd Martin, Martin Hollow Outfitters, at Sonora, TX.


From: drycreek
Most of the free range axis are gonna be in the areas already mentioned, generally W of San Antonio in the Sonora, Rock Springs, and Bracketville areas, and most of them will be on land that’s already leased for hunting. Good luck, you probably need an outfitter or hunt a large fenced place. Even under high fence, axis are tough with a bow.

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