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treking/hiking poles?
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Amicus 05-Oct-20
Will 05-Oct-20
Rock 05-Oct-20
From: Amicus
Going to Kodiak Island if all goes well. Has anybody used trekking poles in that terrain? I would think they would be helpful under a load but the wet soggy terrain might be a problem. Poles might sink in and cause more of a problem than a benefit. If you do use a pole, what brand?

Thanks Gilbert

From: Will
No, I've never used them in that sort of surface, but Leki makes extremely good poles that are well worth it in most surfaces - I've used them in soft snow a lot snow shoeing or back country skiing... very solid poles, should you choose to make the investment.

From: Rock
Make sure they have baskets on them and they will not sink in. They work really well everywhere I have used them including Kodiak.

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