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From: fran
I am looking for 8x42 bins around $500. and am thinking about the nikon-7's is there a better choice in that price range? trying to get the best quality I can in that price range. Thank you in advance.

From: esean
The Nikon Monarch 7 8x30 will give you just as good a view in daylight in a smaller, lighter package for under $400. 8x42 will have the edge the first and last 15 min of light.

From: lv2bohunt
There isn’t anything better for that same money. You would need to hit the $1000 level and buy Leica or Zeiss to see any real improvement. You are going to hear all kinds of recommendations to spend more and buy the “best” but if $500 is truly your limit Nikon 7 is hard to beat.

From: Aces11

Ordered those for my son and have been impressed.

From: BackStraps
I have the Nikon Monarch 5’s in 10x42 and have been very happy with them.

From: Milhouse
Everyone knows you need to take out a second mortgage to get decent binos.......;)

Vortex Vipers are also nice glass in that price range.

From: Chuckster
I just bought the Vortex Viper HD 10X42 for $499 at Sportsmans about 2 months ago. They had the "upgraded" version for $999 but I just couldn't see the $500 difference when looking through them. These old eyes are very happy with the $499 binos. Great eye relief and the image is sharp out to the edge of the glass.

I have a pair of Steiner 10x42 Predator that are brand spanking new if you would be interested. Asking $250 TYD. I think they list for around $400.

I have a pair of Steiner 10x42 Predator that are brand spanking new if you would be interested. Asking $250 TYD. I think they list for around $400.

From: JohnMC
Nothing wrong with buy a pair used glass. Something to keep in mind if you are not in a hurry. Be it a $500 pair for $300 or a $800 pair for $500.

From: wytex
Look at Meopta and maybe some Leupold BX-4 HDs. Good idea to go someplace and look through a bunch. Cabelas used to be that place, maybe Sportsman Warehouse or a Scheels. Find a darkish corner of the building to compare the light gathering capability.

I agree on the used glass, a good pair of Swaro 8x might be found or some Leicas or Zeiss.

From: jbrownlow
check - they've got great glass in a variety of price ranges.

From: Huntiam
I bought some vortex this yr don’t remember they name of them but they was right at 500 and man I’m really liking these So far

From: Habitat
Vortex has the best warranty

From: SlipShot
I have a pair of Leupolds 10x42, that are great! Leupold has an awsome warranty. I don't use them as much as I use to as I know have a Vortex that I love. This too are not 8X42 or in the $500 price range.

From: wilbur
Buy a used pair of Swarovski Binoculars on ebay and ship them to SONA to be refurbed.

You'll have the best for under $1000.00.

From: ESP
I got some meopta 8x32 on sale for $600. I love there size and clarity. If I need to see more I have a spotting scope.

Big fan of the Maven B3 in your mentioned price and spec range. Good luck.

If I were staying under $1000, I’d buy Pentax all day and tomorrow.

From: Heat
Next set I buy will probably be 12's, I will be looking hard at Maven and Meopta.

From: Jims
Do yourself a favor and take a look at classified section for nearly new Leicas or Swaros! I bought a pair of demo Leicas with rangefinder with a big discount in price and love them! It will save you having to buy binos plus rangefinder.

From: T-rex
Check out Maven's. Pretty awesome glass for the price.

From: Lone Wolf
Styrka are in that price range and are great.

From: Shawn
I had a credit from Nikon for 400 bucks as they could not repair a 20 plus year old set of Monarchs. I ended up getting a pair of 10x30 Monarch 7s. Very nice glass but if I were to spend $500 of my own money I would look at a used set of Leica or Swarovski in a small compact vino. Shawn

Very happy with my Pentax 8X42 DCF HR2 and don't know if they still make them. Been perfect for mixed woodlots/agriculture gently rolling terrain in MO/KS. Never tried them for long range extended glassing sessions though. GL!

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