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Justin Hackner 06-Oct-20
Quinn @work 06-Oct-20
Firsty 06-Oct-20
Myself and two buddies are headed to Colorado in a couple weeks for our first DIY OTC elk hunt. The unit we were planning to hunt apparently has an active wild fire. Now we’re scrambling to come up with a few back up spots. Just wondering if anyone had some advice on where to go. We’re going for the 2nd rifle season and would like to stay within 2-3 hours of Denver. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From: Quinn @work
The units in CO that presently have fires have had them for quite some time now. I don't believe the entire units are closed either. The good news is I believe you can return those OTC tags tomorrow and get a refund or if you haven't bought them yet you don't have to worry about it.

Pull out the Big Game brochure to the OTC Elk map page and throw a few darts. Every unit west of Denver 2-3 hours has elk and every unit on public land will be an early Halloween Pumpkin (orange) Party, 2nd season.

From: Firsty
28 is pretty awesome. So is 82. Unit 42 always has a few bulls in it. Unit 75 can be good if you get off the roads. Unit 12 has a high elk and hunter density. 25 can be hit or miss. 62 holds elk in the 2nd season. Your welcome.

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