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From: The dream
I am looking for late season archery and muzzloader bibs. Looking at sitka but the price $450 makes me a wanna shop around.


From: Old School
I’ve got an old pair of Cabelas Outfitter Series Wool Bibs. Like most good things, Cabelas discontinued them a few years ago. Mine are 20 yrs old and I love them. Warm and quiet along with a great pattern.

From: Snizzler
I sent you a PM

From: JL

JL's Link
FWIW.....I use my Predator insulated camo in the same climate you do for the ML and late bow season. Fall grey works excellent, especially when the snow hits. Check out these bibs and read the reviews on them. BTW....Predator is in Wisconsin.

From: The dream
Thanks for input I'm currently checking out reviews? Anyone have a review on first lite bibs?

From: Franzen
Some will scoff, but if cost is a consideration, I've been fairly pleased with a set of Redhead Silent Stalker Elites. I have a Sitka Fanatic jacket, and sure they would fall short of that, but not 4X short.

From: No Mercy

No Mercy's Link
These Scheels bibs have served me very well the last two years.

From: RIT
I have the First Lite Sanctuary bibs in ASAT by far my most effective pattern. I can tell you BLM. Base layers matter. The first few years I had them was still getting cold. I had basic cheap base layers that kept me cold and clammy. Last year I went with full Sitka layering system underneath and was very comfortable in them all season long. You can unzip the legs all the way up to your waist so you don’t overheat going in. I still want the Fanatic set though. I love the constant connect. I also have the FL Woodbury matching jacket. I have to untether from my lifeline and or safety harness to put my jacket on when I get up to my stand.

From: Bou'bound
sitka incinerator. even at 450 it doesn't take many days of comfort in bone chilling cold to pay those things off.

we spend too much money and too much time doing what we do to be miserable, cold, or wet.

From: Basil
I second the Predator bibs. I wear my Sitka Celcius bibs until the real cold weather hits then the predator bibs come out. A good quality neck warmer, the right hat, berber wind stopper vest for layering, and Airforce flight boots along with those bibs down to -25 works well for me.

From: live2hunt88
Idk if you've ever looked at Kings Camo Lone Peak, that stuff is awesome and won't break the bank

From: Zbone
Generations have been using Carhartt insolated bibs for under a 100 bucks...

From: Pyrannah
Buy used

From: APauls
I have a pair of FL Sanctuary bibs and they are on par with the Sitka Fanatic Gen 1 bibs.

From: Whip
I have a pair of Sanctuary bibs and also a pair of Gray Wolf Woolens Wolfskin. Sanctuary is nice, but the Gray Wolf are far better IMO. Absolutely windproof, quiet, warmer, more durable and I like the camo options better.

From: The dream
You guys have given me tons of options and ideas!

Thanks. Still debating

From: midwest
Listen to the guy from Manitoba.

How about the Gen 2 bibs, APauls?

From: bigdog21
2x on the Carhartt's

From: Duke

Duke's Link
I’ve used these (king of the mt) in combination with the vest for 10+ years. Best investment ever. Yes, a little more $ than you want to pay, but you get what you pay for.

From: Jaquomo
If you can find a pair of Cabelas Wooltimate Ultimate bibs you'll look no further.

From: stagetek
Look at Grey Wolf Woolens, But I had a bunch of Cabelas gift cards and bought the Sitka's Fanatic's. Incredible.

From: Shawn
I have a pair of Wooltimate bibs in XL. I would part with and the parks. They are stupid warm but too heavy for my liking. If you are sitting there is nothing and I mean nothing warmer unless they are heated!! Shawn

From: PGA Pro
I had a friend buy me a pit of the Sitka Stratus bibs and was a little nervous about them if it got really cold in Iowa in a month. I purchased the Scheels bibs today that No Mercy posted a link to above.

From: The dream
I decided to go first lite sanctuary bibs after all the reviews and priced at $335. I will write up a little review come end nov/dec.

This really got me researching and thinking ??

From: Fulldraw
Sitka Fanatic. Best money ever spent on hunting gear

From: APauls
Midwest I just upgraded to the latest Fanatic bibs a few weeks ago. It’s looking like daytime highs in the 30’s in less than a week so I might have a review soon. My brother had them last year and thought the New Fanatic was no doubt warmer than the Gen 1 stuff.

From: Mertyman
Buy once, cry once! Get the Sitka.

My experience in cold weather is here in the UP, better hunting but colder in On tario and North Dakota..... maybe more extreme than what you hunt, but its cold.....

After listening to a guy in BC many years ago, in an Ontario Camp, I tried his Heater Body Suit..... after that, bought one, loved it ever since

But you talked about Bibs....... Sitka might be the Flat Brim favorite, but let me tell you, a set of bibs made for you, with your measurements, by Gray Woolen in Wis, is far and far above, what Sitka is,,,,,,,,,,,,, small company in Wis, check it out,,,, Predator camo, great place, and husband and wife. Not cheap, but well made, will last a life time,,,,,,

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