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From: kbbgood
I have a mid 90's PSE SLR and wonder how fast they shoot. I'm shooting 55 lbs. or so. It seams fairly fast but don't know. Nobody I know has a chrony to test it. Won't use it enough to spend that kind of money, Retired.

From: Old Reb
Try contacting PSE and ask them if they have the IBO rating for feet per second on this particular bow. Tell them what your current bow set up is and what your weight arrow is and maybe they can give you an estimate of what the speed might be.

From: GF
Who gives a rip?

If the range of it is iffy, you range it or pass the shot.

I have one recurve that was built when I was 2 years old and probably gives me about #44-#45 net, and the only thing that stands between me and killing an Elk with it is ME. Well, that and the fact that I own 3 longbows and a pair of recurves that get me between high forties and low sixties that I would use first ;)

Point being, if you can’t kill whatever you’re hunting with the bow that you’ve got, that’s a You Problem.


From: PECO
Fast enough I bet.

From: GF
That’s because nobody CAN answer that question WITHOUT the OP shooting that bow through a chrono with his arrow of choice.

Anything else is just a WAG.... or a marketing claim.

And let’s say you DO shoot through a chrono; then what? You might know your velocity at 2 yards, but what is it a 20 or 30 or 40??

Good quality bullets are as uniform as they can possibly be, so you can use a ballistics program to predict where they will hit; arrows (from one shooter to the next) are just not that uniform, so they slow down at their own, unique rates and the only way you can know where YOU are going to hit at X yards is to spend a lot of time shooting at X yards....

Which doesn’t cost a nickel unless you lose or destroy a lot of arrows that way. God knows I do.... ;)

From: JohnMC
Wonder if kbbgood is thinking GF yourself???

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