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XX75 Arrows
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From: kbbgood
There's always talk about FOC for carbon arrows, and the parts to to do it with. But I never hear about buils aluminum arrows to do the same thing or the parts to do it with. Is there even different kinds of weights and or inserts or other stuff? I've never heard of them.

From: GF
The main reason that guys don’t put really heavy points on aluminum is that the finished arrow weight becomes prohibitive.

I was noodling some numbers last night and came up with a scenario where a guy drawing #47@28” could hit about 10 GPP with a 30” 2016 and 125 grains up front, or 15 GPP with a 260 grain head on a 2219. At a rather hefty penalty on trajectory.

I guess the other reason people don’t worry about high FOC aluminum arrows is that it never seemed necessary in the first place. I can see the theoretical advantages of high FOC, but am not much motivated to give up gobs of velocity to get there.

From: Bou'bound
What is gpp

From: Shawn
Grain per pound of draw weight. Carbon recovers from paradox or flexing way faster than aluminium so high FOC with aluminiums makes it tough to tune the arrow. Shawn

I still Have a few of my XX75 and XX78 2514's I used a 125 grain point. My bow was set up on the light side based on what most guys report but They did the job. If I remember properly the arrows were about 615 grains

From: M.Pauls
There are weighted inserts for XX75s. I have them so I can switch between certain broadheads and keep point weight the same. For example I have some with standard Inserts with 175s and then some with weighted inserts I can get 100s to same POI. Nice for shooting the same setup for different critters as I have some nice expensive two blades (steelforce africans) for moose, and I like Magnus stingers for deer. Also I can throw on a judo with weighted inserts for shooting leaves etc

From: Bou'bound
I used to shoot 2514 too and have a few laying around that where memorialized as special kill arrows. What a log those things were. I have see thinner telephone poles

From: ESP
I used 2514’s 85lbs@ 31.5 draw in the 90’s. It was a killer setup

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