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What rest do you shoot
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Shug 12-Oct-20
From: LINK
I’ve shot hamskea, I’m currently shooting a biscuit but I’m fixing to get a new bow and want to set it up with a drop away. What does everyone like for a hunting drop away?

From: WapitiBob
Hamskea; there is no situation where I'd ever put a wb on my bow.

From: JW
Hamskea versa micros on all of my bows.

From: Stubbleduck
Schaffer "Opposition" rest has been on all my bows over the last several years. Side to side operation works well an eliminates the possibility of support "Bounce". Once installed it's easy to tune with and has proven itself bullet proof in the field even when abused a bit by clumsy bow handling. I have no business or financial connection to the manufacturer, just a long term satisfied customer.

From: Bou'bound
QAD hdx

From: Ucsdryder
Hamskea trinity

From: Ermine
Hamskea Trinity. Best rest out there

From: Rackmastr
I have a Trophy Taker Smackdown for the past couple years and really like it. Would be nice to try a Hamskea sometime as I hear a lot of good things about them

From: yeager
QAD hdx is what I have been using.

From: Oryx35
I've been using the QAD for a few years now with good success.

From: Bowfreak
Hybrid Hunter micro adjust has been flawless. I like the Trinity but will probably never shoot another rest as this one is bulletproof and just works.

From: Skippy

From: Kurt
I like my Ripcord Code Red(s). They have been reliable for me.

I currently have a QAD HDX on my bow but have used RipCord (the one that stays up on letdown) of a few years prior. I like both of them.

From: Lewis

From: greg simon
QAD HDX. No complaints with it so far.

From: WVFarrier
Im a biscuit fan....yall can nag me but i like them. Set it and forget it.

From: KsRancher

From: midwest
I wanted to use a Hamskea on my newest bow but it wouldn't work with my quiver so ended up getting a Vapor Trail and I'm very pleased, so far. Very simple design, light weight, and compact.

If anyone is interested in a Hamskea Versa Rest....$125 TYD. Comes with the cord tensioner mounted on the lever arm and universal limb clamp.

From: Huntiam
Whisker biscuit ..

From: Dino
Trophy Taker Smack Down, on both my hunting and 3D bow

From: jstephens61
NAP Carbon Apache, not fancy or pretty, but has never failed me.

From: Shaft
Quad Ultra Rest

From: papadeerhtr
I still shoot the pronghorn, been close to 12 yrs now. I just put it on the new bow when I get one never failed me yet!

From: Two Feathers
No rest. Shooting off the shelf.

From: GF
I had a QAD on that contraption that I shot for a while; it was great...right up 'til the damn thing froze solid and I had a whole herd cross the trail below me. I could have killed any one of about 20 Elk, but couldn’t even load an arrow.

And I’m back to a bit of leather.

One of my bows sports a $3 Bear Weatherest, and that thing was a revelation. I shot a 4-shot, 30-yard group with that thing that would give a bench-rester a bad case of envy, at least as far as windage is concerned. If not for the vertical stringing, it would have cost me about $40.... I think if I ever own another compound, I’ll probably just put a flipper on it, if they still make them at that point… I don’t know what more you could ask for than something that just gets out of your way without any fanfare.

That’s probably why so many guys like the biscuit, but I also understand why some people are not fans. Nothing’s perfect, after all…

From: Russ Koon
Just went back to a WB after giving a drop-away a good try. Bought a No-cam from a buddy and he had the drop-away on it and said to give it a good try and he'd make me a good deal on it if i liked it, or just bring the rest back to him if I didn't, so I shot it for several weeks.

The rest did exactly as it was supposed to do, shot reliably and quietly.

But so had my WB's on all my bows for the past twenty years or so. I just felt more comfortable with the WB and preferred to keep something that did the job every bit as well with less complication and less replacement cost.

From: carcus
I've liked my qad hdx's, probably my favorite, I tried a hamskea trinity hunter and its good to, love the micro adjust, will never buy a rest without micro, only issue is it came from from the factory with a snap ring not installed properly, this messed with my mind, easy fix and rest is a tank, only thing I don't like is all the bolts rusted like crazy on it after elk and moose hunting, this shouldn't be the case for a $300 rest


From: Bowboy
Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro.

From: Dale06
I’m on my 5th or 6th Ripcord on as many bows. Works for me.

From: drslyr
Muzzy drop away

From: cnelk

From: GF
“ this shouldn't be the case for a $300 rest”

Holy CRAP.

You guys are NUTS.

From: Rock
Rug Rest on all bow Bows, but then they are all Recurves and Longbows. Even when I shot Compounds 40 years ago I shot a rest I made from spring steel banding stock with a rug rest on it as it was bullet proof and more reliable than the flipper rest I had used previously.

From: stringgunner
TT Smackdown Pro. Been shooting it for 6 years.

From: 0hndycp
RipCord! It’s been on 3 bows now, for 8 years, shot 10k+ arrows, and never a failure!

From: tradi-doerr
Shot the NAP 360 for the last 10yrs and it is a great capture rest that has the least amount of contact for a capture rest and is bullet proof and easy to tune, but, I wanted to try a drop away so I just put on a Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro this last Spring, great rest, well made and rock solid and really like the micro adjustments, but it makes a little more noise on release then I care for- launcher has a bit of a slam/pop noise to it, or is there something I need to do to quite it down some more? Over all I'm impressed with the Hamskea rest.

From: Bow Bullet
Limbdriver Vapor Trail

From: joehunter
QAD' s on all our bows.

From: Shug

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