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Where can I get a chair like this?
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Hunt98 11-Oct-20
bghunter 11-Oct-20
PECO 11-Oct-20
midwest 11-Oct-20
Glunt@work 11-Oct-20
midwest 12-Oct-20
White Falcon 12-Oct-20
LBshooter 17-Oct-20
DanaC 18-Oct-20
Steveoreno 18-Oct-20
From: Hunt98

Hunt98's embedded Photo
Hunt98's embedded Photo
I tried Google but not much luck.

I’m looking for a folding chair with no arms similar to this one but in an earth tone color?

From: bghunter
Menard, home depot, wal mart etc should all have what you are looking for

From: PECO
I have a set of chairs like that from Cabelas. Got them for a few bucks at a yard sale.

From: midwest
Cabela's has a black mesh one made for blinds. Tried to post the link but it blew up. Just google "bag chair without arms" and you'll get a bunch of options.

From: Glunt@work
Hard to find them with no arms anymore. I modified one by removing the arms and cutting the excess frame off.

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
Here's the Cabela's chair...

From: White Falcon
I use a folding dove chair with a pouch under the chair. About $7.00 at Wally World.

From: LBshooter
If your hunting in the woods is suggest a hammock chair, best thing going.

From: DanaC
Pretty much anywhere, but in dull colors? Buy a roll of camo blind mesh, cut a piece that drapes over that chair. Light weight and helps break up your outline.

From: Steveoreno
Remember a three legged chair will not tip on uneven ground like a four legged chair, thats why milk stools all had three legs!

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