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Heater Body Suit vs. the competition?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Hunt98
I’m considering buying a Heater Body Suit, but I cheaper competitors versions.

Are the cheaper versions good, bad or indifferent? why??

From: Burly
Don't know anything about there competitions products. But I really like my Heater Body Suit.

Buy a HBS, or do not waste your time. I have used mine in North Dakota, every year in the UP, south of Lake Superior, and before Covid in Ontario..... take it from experience, buy a HBS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

From: blackwolf

From: Catscratch
I can't speak of the competition, but the HBS is good. I've had mine for quite a few yrs now and have zero complaints.

I used a heater body suit in Iowa last year bowhunting and it was near zero degrees several mornings and the thing was awesome. I do not think i could have bowhunted the days it was that cold without it.

From: Screwball
HBS or nothing, All I can say.

From: Grubby
I have a “competitor” there’s no comparison. A cheap sleeping bag would be better than what I have.

From: carcus
I use a one piece cabelas stand hunter extreme, it keeps me warm up here and I can shoot in it

From: Live2Hunt
I have a heated vest (and I like the cold weather tons better than the hot weather). The main reason I got it was to not have to wear so much clothing during the cold months. I use it those last hour periods when the temp starts dropping and the animal activity starts rising. It creates that shot of heat to keep you comfortable on stand the last hour.

From: Rocky D
I have the HBS and have some experience with similar systems and find most to be lacking. If I was going to compare another system it would probably be the Sitka fanatic parka and bibs or some expedition series down system.

From: djb
I have the IWOM XT model and it works great. Use it late season bow hunting in MN and the UP of Michigan. I choose it because you don't have to unzip the suit to shoot your bow or rifle.

From: Patdel
You could take a look at the IWOM. Im not sure you could describe them as cheap, but they are a similar option.

I have a HBS, and have been happy with it. If I had it to do over I would get the iwom. Mostly because it comes in predator fall grey, which for late season tree stand hunting is as good as it gets.

I have the heater body suit. It's good, and I out it on when I'm all strapped up in the treestand. It's good for all days sits.

From: Catscratch
Anybody with a HBS have issues being spotted by deer? I feel like a giant blob when I'm in it but I have yet to have a deer see me and spook. It seems to hide me like a blind. I've actually gotten away with a great deal of movement while in one... movement that I wouldn't have gotten away with outside of it.

From: broken arrow
I prefer the Iwom, wind & waterproof. Mike

From: ronsoutdoors
I have the heater body suit ,I hadn't used it much but when I did start using it , keeps me warm on those super cold days and can stay as long as I want on stand

From: Rackmastr
I have a Raven Wear reversible longer jacket that I wear in cold weather, as well as some insulated bibs, but I've thought about adding a sleeping bag for rifle hunts in a treestand. The HBS sure look nice but with the Raven Wear I'm considering going the 'cheap' route sleeping bag a try first. Most of my 'extreme cold' sits are rifle hunts and often bow hunts aren't full day sits. Sure would like to try the HBS for a day to see how it performs though

From: Kanati
Best piece of clothing i ever bought.

From: Aces11
I have an iwom. I have used it in below zero conditions in ND, and it is very comfy and warm. Used it sitting in tree stand rifle and bow hunting, also from the ground rifle hunting. It’s hard to move around much in a iwom in a tree stand.

From: GED
I have a warm bag. Slip your arms out and shoot

From: grape
I was a skeptic of the HBS. I had quit hunting early on many cold mornings before the HBS because I just couldn't take it. I had to move. I was freezing. This just plain does NOT happen anymore with the HBS. They are worth every penny.

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