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Bow Storage/non-climate controlled
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BOHUNTER09 14-Oct-20
Dale06 14-Oct-20
elkmtngear 14-Oct-20
76aggie 14-Oct-20
Bowboy 14-Oct-20
Ucsdryder 14-Oct-20
midwest 14-Oct-20
jstephens61 14-Oct-20
carcus 15-Oct-20
Ermine 15-Oct-20
Does anyone leave their bow in an out building year round? I have hesitated in leaving my bow in our pole barn behind the house, but after replacing strings started thinking maybe leaving it in a case in the barn allowing it to gradually adjust to temperature/humidity conditions is better than taking it in and out where conditions may change dramatically.

Which approach will let the strings last longer, if any? What is better for retaining consistent accuracy? Thanks.

I leave mine in the garage. It’s insulated, but not heated or cooled, so the temperatures are moderated some. Never been an issue

From: Dale06
Mine is in my house, when it’s not being used.

From: elkmtngear
I have an unfinished basement, it's like a wine cellar, stays at optimum temperature throughout the Seasons.

Much more stable temperature-wise, than my house.

From: 76aggie
I leave all my bows inside unless hunting or practicing.

From: Bowboy
Mine stay in the house in my finished basement. I'd say with today's string material quality you don't have too worry to much.

Good to hear this input, thanks.

One of the reasons I ask is currently I do keep my bows inside. But, when I have gone out in winter to practice, the bow seems to not shoot as consistently at the end of my session as it did in the beginning. I thought this might be due to the temps acting upon the bow over time? probably just me, I guess. Just thought leaving it stored in the weather might give me more consistency. I try and shoot one arrow before a hunt.

From: Ucsdryder
I guess my question would be why? No chance I’m leaving my bow outside. I have a lot of time and money invested.

From: midwest
I leave mine hanging in the garage by the back door quite a bit so it's easy for me to grab and shoot a few arrows if I'm grilling out. Target is 30 yds. from the grill. I bring it inside when it gets really hot.

From: jstephens61
Sometimes in the house, sometimes in the barn. Never had an issue. Only time I’ve ever seen a problem is when someone leaves the bow in a hot truck. A friend had his in a black hard case, sitting inside his back door. Sun shining through the glass storm door on the black case, strings went bang!

From: carcus
Leave mine in my attached insulated unheated garage

From: Ermine
I keep my in my bedroom about 3 feet away from me.

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