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Whitetail Deer
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From: BowSniper
What do you think about the pros and cons of scent warming devices? Some devices use batteries, some just those chem hand warmers.

I have always just poured doe urine on a drag rag and then hung it in a tree after trailing in. Am I missing out on something with the heat gimmick?

From: t-roy
Oh boy!.........

From: LBshooter
Well, I think heating up a liquid scent may carry the smell further than cold scent. However, if you want to get scent further out try some of those scent sticks that you burn.

Boiled nose jammer might be the ticket.

It's been several yrs since I played around with heated scent. Most times I had nothing come to it but there were a few times where bucks homed in right to it.

I particularly evening hunt I was on the ground between the woods and corn field and had it out with the scent carrying into the corn. After a while, I could hear deer moving through the corn and out comes a decent 8pt who stuck is nose right to the bottle.

My opinion on scents in general these days is that it's a 50/50 proposition. I haven't bought scent now in a couple years if that tells you anything. However I have an active food plot with 3 scrapes under a single tree that I may get some scent for this year.

From: Scrappy
Oh boy is right.

What ever the amount of money you are planning on spending this season just send it to me. I will send you a letter with my personal guarantee that you will see and kill just as many deer with my letter in your pocket instead of using snake oils.

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