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Stratus pants or equinox midi pants for mid season outer + layer under the fanatic bibs, what do you all say?

Going to pick up the celcius midi jacket for a layering piece/outer jacket when it isnt real cold.


From: kota-man
Stratus pants are great but too bulky for me to layer under Fanatic Bibs. . They’re great for an outer layer though. The Midi’s are perfect for layering but not the best outer layer. You really need both. ;)

Dangit haha

Anybody? I can't spend the $ on 2 separate pairs of pants + the midi jacket. It's getting cold enough now to where I would rather have a nice layering piece to use under the Fanatic bibs. I'd use these pants to walk to the stand since I pack my Fanatics.

From: greg simon
If I was going with only one of those it would be the Stratus. As long as your bibs are not tight already you should be fine wearing them over the Stratus pants.

+ 1 Kota-man. Celsius midi jacket is used all season. Stratus pants do not make sense under Fanatic bibs

Not answering your question, but I really like the versatility of the Mountain pants. I do not own Fanatic bibs, but have worn my Mountain pants under other bibs that I own.

From: Scrappy
I'm with you orionsbrother. My mountain pants are perfect for walking in when its cold then slip into my fanatic bibs. If your doing any western hunts it makes even more since to go with the mountain pants.

From: Native Okie
I have the Equinox pants and they seem heavy enough with an under layer to get you through until the temps drop way down.

Anybody else?

Not going to be able to swing 2 pairs of pants

Low 30's this past weekend here in Iowa.

Had on a thcih cabelas base layer, Kuiu attack pants and the Fanatic set. That was just fine.

Are the stratus pants that much thicker than the Attacks?

From: Kevin Dill
Here's why not to layer over the Stratus: Yes, they are thicker than Attack pants. Layering fleece over fleece usually isn't good due to bulk and friction. Stratus is a specialized outer layer using Windstopper membrane. The pants are cut fairly roomy for under-layering. They aren't cut for layering over. It makes almost no sense to put a heavy wind-blocking Fanatic layer over a Windstopper Stratus layer. I'm NOT saying it can't be done, but there are plenty of less expensive and better suited pants for the job.

From: Tracker
Buy yourself a nice pair of heavyweight sims wader pants and layer over them

Stratus pants, the wind blocker seems to make world of difference!

From: greg simon
Yes Sitka Stratus pants are much thicker than KUIU Attack pants. Attacks are more in the same class as Equinox. I stick by my original post, if you can only get one get Stratus. Especially if you have Attacks.

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