So BC Lost the Grizzly Hunt, Right..
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From: Ambush
In 2017 the newly sort-of elected BC government cancelled the grizzly hunt because "... it was no longer socially acceptable...". The citiods gushed and emoted over the great victory. They could finally get out of bed in the morning not being wrought with angst over what was happening in the rest of the province they'd never been to nor ever would. We would just have to learn to live with the bears in their (our) backyard. Little chance the latte foam suckers would be inconvenienced traipsing off to where their barista knew them by their coffee blend. We would just have to deal with it.

Well their little minds are going to be like a snow globe that's just been given a violent shake!!

The Tahltan Indian Band, which inhabits and controls the upper northwest corner of the province has just announced its going to pay its members to shoot grizzlies, black bears and wolves. Seems the preds are getting dangerous to people and suppressing ungulate numbers. Members will be paid $1,000 per grizzly and $500 each for wolves and black bears. A BOUNTY on the darlings of the concrete jungle dwellers!!

You see, these flaccid minded, apex pred lovers also believe all the fairy tales about the Stewards of the Land and how they inherently know what's best for the land and its creatures. It's going to be fun watching their heads explode as they try to reconcile this in their little spheres of "self".

Well said sir.. You should be a writer..

From: greg simon
I’m researching right now to see if I have any Tahltan Indian blood!!!

If not can I just “identify “ as Tahltan Indian???

Oh Crap, the border is closed anyway. No problem, I’ll just identify as essential!!!

The price of ridiculous legislation like this can be high. It didn't take long for people to take control and make things right in a wrong way. Perhaps it should have been left alone.

How much land do they control?

From: dakotaduner

dakotaduner's Link
Interesting read

From: Treeline
Good for them! Now if the rest of the rural province would do the same... Maybe just call it your Native rights!

From: Franklin
What if I "identify as a Tahltan Indian native"....does that count?

From: APauls
Heeeyyyyy - I like a good latte now and then!!

Here in Manitoba the government has closed down hunting areas to moose because the populations are low. Well, the Metis are flexing and decided the moose are coming back enough and they will kill 60 bulls in the closed zones. So naturally the status indians can't be left behind and they too are going to kill moose in the closed zones. I mean the system just works so perfectly don't you think?

From: Brotsky
I'm 1/1064th Tahltan Indian. Game on.

From: Rut Nut
LMBO! “Latte foam suckers” Never heard that one before, but I LOVE it! : )

From: Franzen
No heads will explode... they already did their "good deed" and ignorance will abound. That's better than liarwatha; she was only like 1/1320th native.

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