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Predator and Prey
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Dakota 17-Oct-20
Bou'bound 17-Oct-20
Huntcell 18-Oct-20
Drahthaar 18-Oct-20
LKH 18-Oct-20
Nock 19-Oct-20
Treeline 20-Oct-20
From: Dakota
While I was antelope hunting the last few days I've never seen so many predator and prey animals out at the same time. Seeing coyotes running around the pasture right amongst the antelope in broad daylight with tons of grouse in the same area is pretty fun to see. Not to mention all of the deer and elk as well as badgers coons and skunks. Seems to be critters everywhere. I've heard that it is usually either a lot of predators or prey at a time but not usually both. Is anybody else seeing the same thing?

From: Bou'bound
The strangest of times

From: Huntcell
That’s to be expected in your HEC suit and Ozonics cloud.

Pro field staffer offers coming soon.

From: Drahthaar
If you got a lot of grouse I need to come hunt with you. Forrest

From: LKH
Having a lot of predators when you have a lot of prey is normal and will persist until the prey supply drops. Nothing demonstrates that better than the snowshoe hare/lynx relationship.

From: Nock
Sounds like a Disney movie.

From: Treeline
Sounds like a good time! Love watching all the different interactions between predators and prey.

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