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Hoyt Defiant Carbon tuning issue
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Ironbow 17-Oct-20
Ermine 17-Oct-20
Bowfreak 18-Oct-20
Arrowflinger 18-Oct-20
ARLOW 20-Oct-20
From: Ironbow
I have a 2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant 34, 29" draw (#2 cam), 64#, shooting 29" Carbon Express Mayhem 350's with 125 grain points and 3, 4" RW feathers, Vapor Trail Limb Driver pro rest. Great shooting bow, except tuning it makes me want to pull my hair out. With the cams set perfectly in sync, and the nock dead level lined up with the Berger Button hole, it will shoot high tears in paper all day long. I have to go 1/4" below center to get rid of the tear, and then it will shoot bullet holes in paper, and bare shaft tune with fletched shafts at 20 yds. Never had a bow do that.

Anyone else experience this problem? I have read about the "2.0" cam and a later cam Hoyt brought out called the "2.1" that was supposed to fix some tuning issues. I am assuming I have the 2.0. Nothing is marked on the cam to identify it.

From: Ermine
Yea there were quite a few issues with the defiant. But once tuned they shot great. The cams that were 2.1 said them in the side

From: Bowfreak
That's the nature of the beast for that bow. The #2 cam was the worst for that. If you are getting good clearance I would leave it as it is, enjoy your bow and shoot it. I think the CD 34 was one of the best bows Hoyt has made, even with the nock travel issues.

From: Arrowflinger
I have a carbon defiant that is also a 2017 model in like new condition. Set up with a QAD drop away rest. Draw length is set at 27.5 but is adjustable. 50 to 60 pound limbs and also a set of 60-70 limbs. PM me, or text @ 405-207-4203. I am shooting a recurve.

All the Carbon Hoyts seem to like the arrow driven down into the rest a little bit to get them to fly right. Had the same thing with my RX-1

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