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Report on Danner Pronghorn 800 gram
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Bou'bound 19-Oct-20
Dale06 19-Oct-20
trophyhill 20-Oct-20
Raiders 22-Oct-20
I have several pairs of Danners. Unfortunately the most recent purchase will likely be my last. The 800 gram Pronghorn seems to have a design defect in that the first so called speed lace is in the wrong position, making it near impossible to just tie the boot. My older pronghorns did not have this design defect. I have looked at other brands and they also do not have the faulty design. And then the speed lace rivet pulled loose. The tongue portion is so thick that it too impedes tying the boot. I have a 1998 version of the Danners that are still functioning with nothing lose -- and they are extremely easy to tie. Any thoughts on what to replace the Pronghorns with would be appreciated.

From: Bou'bound
Lowa Tibet gtx

From: Dale06
I’ve had a couple Danner pronghorns that were Gortex. They were comfortable but leaked like a sieve, very early. I’m done with them. Not cheap, but I’m on year two of Crispi Colorado GTX. They’re great so far.

I just bought a pair off of Sportsman’s Guide. But not with the intention of hunting, but where I’ll be working in CO is known as the coldest place in the lower 48. Mine lace up just fine and the sole is definitely stiffer and better comfort than the older 200 thinsulate Pronghorns I still have. The ankle support is great too! They will make a great pair of backup boots.

Heading up my footwear lineup are the Meindl Comfort Fit Hunters. My last pair were the Meindl Cabelas. There was a long break in period for those. But rock solid.

I wore the Comfort Fit Hunters last week for my buddies muzzy elk hunt and wow! My feet love me! Can’t wait to put some more miles on them.

Edit; I wore the Meindl’s again last weekend for my buddies high plains mule deer hunt. Cactus, rock, mesquite, canyons and draws. Everything that grows is sharp. Again they performed flawless and the comfort is fitting to the name they were given.

Now for the Danner 800’s. I’ve been wearing them for work on flat ground. They are definitely warm. But will not make any hunting trips. The soles are turning out to be too flimsy to even think about making any mountain trips. I doubt I’ll be wearing them to work much longer.

From: Raiders
Meindl makes nice boots too

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