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Bear Tenderloin
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Tracker 19-Oct-20
Glunker 19-Oct-20
Stix 19-Oct-20
Buckeye 20-Oct-20
WI Shedhead 20-Oct-20
Basil 20-Oct-20
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BigRed 21-Oct-20
RT 21-Oct-20
Bou'bound 21-Oct-20
From: Tracker

Tracker's embedded Photo
Tracker's embedded Photo
Two of us traveled to NW NJ for our annual archery bear hunt. It did not disappoint. Both of us were able to tag bears. Not monsters but definitely good eating size at about 200#. Soaked the tenderloins in coca-cola for 24hrs seasoned and grilled. Boy was it good. Kind of wish I did not make as much into hamburger as I did.

From: Glunker
The other other white meat.

From: Stix
The other red meat. It's my favorite big game animal to hunt and eat. Easier to get out of the woods than elk, moose, etc., and it tastes really good. We do ours in crock pot after searing, adding balsamic vinegar.

From: Buckeye
looks good! i still have yet to try bear.. maybe one day.

From: WI Shedhead
Thier is no better burger on a charcoal grill then a bear burger. The marbling in the meat is perfect to keep it moist and flavorful

From: Basil
Yes they are excellent. I'd rather eat bear than deer any day. I have to say that butchering a bear properly is much more time consuming than a deer for me. Most of my bears have been shot in the evenings and it turns into a pretty late night.

From: Snuffer
Carp of the woods.

From: BigRed
Snuffer... I'm with you. I've never had to put Coca-Cola or balsamic vinegar on an elk tenderloin to convince myself it was GOOD...

To each his own! The pic does look tasty.

From: RT
Bear is definitely among the best meats. Looks good OP.

From: Bou'bound
I have never had a bad bear. 16 for 16 fine to eat. Taste-wise. Can be a bit tough on some cuts depending.

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