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Used bow choice
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kallitype 20-Oct-20
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kallitype 20-Oct-20
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KY EyeBow 23-Oct-20
From: kallitype
I am looking for a used bow, the choices from Craigslist have boiled down to: 1-Mathews Chill SDX 2-Mathews NoCam 3: Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.I need a bow that can be set to 50# (bad shoulder)

From: Sidekick
How about a mint condition LH Darton Ranger?

From: kallitype
Should have specified RH!!! And the MAthews is a solocam, not nocam. My first compound was a Darton, that was way back in the 1970's, then I went to an OL Adcock ACS and used that until 3 years ago, when I sold it on Leatherwall.

From: JohnMC
Check out archery talk lots of used bows. Make sure it is your draw length or figure the cost of new cams or mods into the price.

From: kallitype
Wow, TONS of bows!! The 3 above bows are on local Craigslist, advantage is face-toface contact and can inspect before forking over the $$. I'd like some opinions on the 3 bows I mentioned---does any of the 3 have a big advantage??? I am constrained by having bad rotator cuff that limits me to 45-50# at this time.

From: craigmcalvey
I bought my son an infinite edge and am amazed by the performance and adjustments available without a press. Wish they would’ve been around when I started but I’m too old. I will say that the string is very basic but that’s easily remedied.


Not familiar with the Chill, what model is the solo cam Mathews? They have probably over a 100 different models that are solo cams. Like Johnmc said, a lot of them were draw length specific. Meaning you would have to buy a new cam $ to get your draw length. I’ve bought many bows off e-bay and archery talk None have been real surprises. I wouldn’t be afraid of it, just do your homework. Also ....there are certain models out there that are easy on your shoulder. I’ve heard a lot of guys talk about a certain Elite model that is easy on worn out shoulders. Mathews made a few also. I would search for one of them. I’m sure someone will chime in here and give you a specific recommendation. Best to find one that fits you perfectly and you don’t dread shooting it. You will be happier in the long run. Good luck sir!

From: carcus
What is your budget, I had a chillr and didn't like it, cant remember if it was smooth but I didn't like the grip and it was loud

From: papadeerhtr
I believe all the Matthew were cam specific as far as draw length goes. Out of those three I would probably lean towards the Diamond.

From: sdkhunter
The SDX takes a mod to change draw length, goes up to 29" draw and cost is around 20-30 to change out. Solocam - lot of unknowns there as Mathews made tons of single cam bows. Changing draw length does require a new cam - about $120 retail to swap out (can maybe find one used cheaper). Edge pro is very adjustable. Nice little bow with a lot of adjustment for poundage and draw length - it is more of a beginner style bow, spongy back wall, moderate performance, etc. Would kinda depend on what the solo cam is but if it were me, I'd probably lean towards the SDX - make sure it has the 50 or 60# limbs though - that can get expensive to change those out - if you need 50# - you don't want to turn 70# limbs down that far..

From: Shawn
The solo cam can be rough on a shoulder. I have shot Mathews for at least 25 years. Depending on price of the used bows, you can into a mid line new bow for 700 complete ready to shoot. Shawn

From: drycreek
I know it wasn’t in your selection, but you cannot go wrong with an Elite for a smooth drawing, quiet bow. I imagine there are some on AT right this minute.

From: Ermine
I like Hoyt’s. Buying used is the way to go. Can get some awesome deals out there

From: 12yards
What's your draw length?

From: Kodiak

From: KY EyeBow
Look on You can get a really nice 2 yo top end model for half the cost of new. The caveat is you need to be able to work on them yourself.

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