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LEM Jerky Cannon Issues
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Reggiezpop 22-Oct-20
cnelk 22-Oct-20
DoorKnob 22-Oct-20
From: Reggiezpop
Anybody else have issues using this cannon? I fill the tube with the meat. It starts out good, and then the plunger pushes all the way down leaving the tube full of meat and nothing coming out of the nozzle.

From: cnelk
Yeah. Mine just did that.

A couple things to do.

Be sure the back threaded coupler is tight against the gun. And be sure all other nuts and bolts are tight.

And I had to apply a little rubbing alcohol to the plunger rod as it got greasy from doing snack sticks. Once I did that it worked

From: DoorKnob
everclear is better eating than ISO

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