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Danner High Ground boots
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From: JSW
Danner boots get a lot of negative press on bowsite so I want to give my experience.

I bought my first pair of High Grounds about 5 years ago and really liked them. I just finished my second or third year (wish I knew for sure) with 400 gram, gortex high grounds. These are my second pair. The first pair are still in pretty good shape but do leak water if you get them soaked.

In the last 2 years, I've put hundreds of miles on my current High Grounds. They are extremely comfortable and have yet to leak even the slightest bit.

My experience is that if you can get 2 full years out of any gortex boot without them leaking you are doing good. That is, if you put any miles on them at all. I don't care if they are $100 or $400 boots, the gortex only holds tight for so long.

I've been using Danner boots for about 20 years and have had nothing but good luck.

The single most importing thing when picking a new boot is how they fit your foot. They have to be comfortable from day one or you will have problems. Danners fit my foot and I'm very pleased with how they last. It really helps that they are fairly inexpensive.

It seems that they are no longer making the High Grounds so I ordered a replacement pair on close out for next year, earlier this week. I'm set for another 2 years. After that, I'll have to find something new.

From: DanaC
Seams. Seams are weak points. ALL seams leak eventually regardless of materials or 'lining' or... Good leather boots with minimal seams, properly waxed/sealed, will stay about as dry as g-tex or any other laminate. I do buy 'light hikers' but have no delusion that they're going to keep my feet dry for too long. I look more for comfort and ankle support. Look for the simplest (least seams) designs. And I wear wool blend socks even in summer.

From: RT
You can't compare them to 400 dollar boots. That's a different league.

From: Dale06
I’ve had a couple pair of Danner pronghorns, quite comfortable but leak very early in their use. They’re great for dry conditions, but it’s not always dry where I hunt. Tried some Crispi boots and am on my second year. Very comfortable and so far completely water proof. But they are expensive.

From: Knothead
Many times wet feet can be fixed with good pair of gaiters. When pant legs get wet water soaks socks and eventually the inside of the boot. For what it is worth I have liked every pair of danner pronghorns I had. They are not my go to boot now as I find solomon's and Meindl's fit my feet better.

From: Scar Finga
Danners used to be made in America, now they are not. Their quality has gone way down hill! There way better boots, but you will pay more for them. If they work for you, use them!

From: bigswivle
They’re comfortable for sure but mine leaked like a sieve. Will never own another pair

From: EMB
I've had good experiences with Danner too. I haven't had issues with leakage until well after the boot has worn out. Those were Pronghorns. I think I've owned 3 or 4 sets. I recently ordered some Powderhorns to replace an aging pair. Some of the models are either entirely made in the USA or assembled here. I bought some Crater Rims to augment my Radical hikers. They are 100% made in the USA and comfortable right out of the box. The only issue I had was breaking in the Powderhorns. I thought I had, but my first hike, a 15 mile trek through a Florida swamp, proved me painfully wrong. I'm not sure whether the boot or cheap socks was the issue. So far I've been pretty satisfied with Danner. I also have plantar issues, and they don't hurt my feet.

I’ve never used the high grounds, but have had quite a few Pronghorns. They fit me well and last me 2-3 years which I believe is very reasonable with heavy miles in harsh rock and brush conditions. Key for me is I could care less about water proof and leaking. I spend maybe 4 or 5 days a year in the field with any moisture versus the other 100 in dry conditions. I’ll have to check out the high grounds but I can’t use insulated boots. My feet get too hot with any insulation.

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