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Elevated Hunting blinds
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wkochevar 23-Oct-20
greg simon 23-Oct-20
petedrummond 23-Oct-20
JL 23-Oct-20
skookumjt 23-Oct-20
From: wkochevar
What are guys opinions on using elevated deer blinds like the Muddy Bull or Shadow Hunter lines? I have plenty of tree stands set up but thinking about an enclosed unit for those days that are just frigid but the action is hot!! opinions please on functionality and brands to consider. Thanks Kip

From: greg simon
I have hunted out of Redneck Blinds. If you have ever hunted out of a pop up ground blind it's very similar except taller and much more expensive. They are super nice when the weather is really in the crapper but not portable at all unless you call moving it with a tractor portable!

From: petedrummond

petedrummond's embedded Photo
petedrummond's embedded Photo
Millennium buck hut $699.

Sitting in a Bank's Stump Four right now. Very comfortable, but pricey.

From: JL

JL's Link
FWIW....I was checking out the site Alibaba to see what it was all about. I did a search using this link. Alot of hunting ground blinds and elevated blinds here. Of course ya have to buy a few of them to get the ridiculously low prices, but it's pretty cool to check out what you can find on Alibaba. A heck of alot of cool hunting stuff to be found there.

From: skookumjt
Check out

Pretty innovative.

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