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Heater Body Suit- What Size?
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From: Hunt98
I’m 5’9”, 170lbs. My GF is 5’4” She would be using it mostly. I would use it once in a while. I see the medium is 5’4”- 5’8” and large 5’8”- 6’

Could I get by with the medium or should I go with the large?

What size Heater Body Suit would be the best fit?

From: Starfire
if you want to use it I would go large. I'm 5 9" and If anything I would like my large a little taller.

From: Kanati
Im 5’9” 185 and i bought the tall. You dont want to stand up and the suit pull tight on you.

From: Two Feathers
I'm 5'10" 180 lbs and got the large. Sometimes I wish it were larger.

If she’ll be using it mostly the medium is what you need. I’m 5’ 8” and 160 ish and been using my medium for 15 years.

From: Bou'bound
get an extra large and you guys can get in there at the same time.

From: Mr.C
I've been thinking about one more and more the older I get it worth the money and is it a hassle to get in and out of , how do they perform, are they quit..TIA

From: Huntiam
Mr c... u will not be sorry

Mr. C, they are 100% worth the money. I can do all day sits in OH and IL during the late seasons. One year in IL the temps and wind were brutal and buddies were out of the stand by 10, they couldn’t believe I could sit all day. One of the drove 1 1/2 hours to buy one that evening.

From: Jaquomo
Ok, I'm 6'3", 200 lbs. Will the XL be long enough for me?

From: Knifeman
im 6'2 and use the xl. It will fit but be forewarned, it is gynormous in a treestand. I use it only in extreme cold as a last resort. Its pretty tough with a stickbow, but better than not hunting.

From: Mule Power
I love my HBS! I don’t use it very often because it’s only for frigid late seasons. But if it’s really cold nothing beats it. I also like it for taking younger hunters out who don’t own $2000 worth of Sitka gear. It helps them sit longer and it hides hand movement.

From: bowonly
I just purchased a Tall size. The website lists LARGE for 5'8" to 6'0", <200 lbs. The TALL was for 6'0"to 6'4", <220 lbs. At 6'0" and 185, I choose the TALL, just to be safe. I'll just say it is certainly roomy which is OK, but I suspect I could have gotten the LARGE and been just fine. Haven't hunted with it yet, but will be testing it against the Montana weather in a couple of days.

From: Mr.C
ordered! the old barn is like an ice box

From: badbull
Anyone have any experience with or know if Cabela's/Basspro has anything that compares to the Heater Body Suit as I have a bunch of their points to use ? Thanks......Badbull

From: bowonly

bowonly's embedded Photo
bowonly's embedded Photo
I used the Suit a couple of days this past weekend. Very effective and well worth it to me. The temps were in the mid-20s , but the wind was howling at 20-30 mph at times. The wind chill was brutal. During a lull, I was facing the tree when one of the big boys walked right under me. I thought "Oh, shit, he will hear me for sure"! I was able to come out of the top of the Suit , turn around in the stand, and grab my bow. I had to lean over, cant the bow, and shoot under a big limb, but center punched him at 15 yards. It all happened in about 30 seconds! Being cold and stiff is a sure way to screw up shooting a recurve. I am sold on the Suit!

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