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Milwaukee Heated Vest?
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From: Hunt98
I looked at another heated vest thread and Milwaukee heated vest was not mentioned. I already have a Milwaukee battery charger for M12/18. I like to simplify things when I can (not having another manufacturer battery charger ).

Does anyone have experience with the Milwaukee M12 heated vest?

Good, bad it indifferent??

From: XMan
I have the Milwaukee heated hoodie and use it fairly regularly, have two batteries for it. Its great as an undergarment when the temps dip down. If you have a good windbreaking fleece jacket or shell to put over it you will be toasty. I use it most when temps are in the 20-30s, under a cabelas berber fleece jacket. Cant turn it all the way up or I start to sweat. The interesting thing about it is when I put the battery on, I realize how cold other parts of my body are, LOL. But overall, the quality is good and it definitely takes the chill out.

From: Hh76
The battery itself is a little bulky, and on occasion bothers me, but overall I love it.

If you already have the batteries, I'd say it's a great idea.

From: Hunt98
Unfortunately I don’t already have the M12 battery (I have the M18 batteries). I have the charger that will charge both different batteries though.

From: Pop-r
They make a converter so you can run it on 18v batteries.

From: Sam
I have the camo jacket, even if it wasn’t heated it is a perfect fitting well constructed jacket, with the higher amp hour batteries it is hard to beat.

I got one for my dad for Christmas a few years back. We love to ice fish. He loves it, he only wishes it had a nice pad on his lower back that would be warm (old man back pains).

From: Ed
Just started using mine. It's cold where I live. It's effective, and the quality is typical Milwaukee tool, i.e. good.

From: fran
Does anyone know how many hours you get out of a battery? Can you put it in the washing machine if not how do you clean it?

From: Hh76
Not sure exactly how long the batteries last, so much depends on settings used. I do know that on an all day hunt (about 10 hrs) I usually bring 3 small batteries. I haven't gone through all 3 yet, and often get by with only 2.

I have put mine in the washing machine, but try to avoid it as much as possible. It's under a jacket, and over a sweatshirt, so it doesn't really get dirty.

From: Sam
Bought one today, looking forward to trying it out

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