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4 fletch 3 inch feathers and fixed heads
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craigmcalvey 25-Oct-20
Native Okie 25-Oct-20
GF 25-Oct-20
lewis 25-Oct-20
ahunter76 25-Oct-20
Dale06 25-Oct-20
GhostBird 26-Oct-20
Tradmike 26-Oct-20
DMTJAGER 16-Nov-20
From: craigmcalvey
Anyone using this combo for fixed heads? Going to give it a try this off season and see if I like it. PSE decree at 63 lbs, Easton aftermath .300 spine cut to 29” with a 125gr snuffer ss out front. Should I have any concerns?

From: Native Okie

From: GF
Not sure I understand the question, but pressure the answer is a hard No.

If that arrow matches your bow’s spine requirement, adding more fletching isn’t going to do any harm. Some will say it’ll cost you some speed, but at normal bowhunting ranges it won’t matter.

Should be plenty forgiving and a perfectly good hunting arrow if the total weight is reasonable.

There’s nothing magic about fletching: it provides drag and helps impart spin, both of which help your arrow fly straight. Too little + a tuning issue can go bad. More is better up 'til it’s too much (which is called a flu-flu). In between those two extremes, use what you like and what looks good to you.

From: lewis
Not at all good luck Lewis

From: ahunter76
I've used about every size feather, vane configuration you can think of (1956 is when I bought my 1st real bow & joined organized archery). Always with 125 gr. 3 blade fixed the last 45 years. Currently this year is 2 1/2" Razors, 3 fletch & 3" Parobolic, 3 fletch & 3 fletch blazers too. 6 each & all shoot the same (I sight in thru 60 yds but 40 is my personal max hunting). YES, I have used 4 fletch 3" & Blazers & see no differeance or advantage. I used 4" 4 fletch for several years. I use these out of compound 60#s now (used to be 70#s) & also 50# Longbow on occassion. I use the same set up for all my 3-D, Field & Target shooting too. If you have the proper spine & decent tune they will fly like bullets. Enjoy.

From: Dale06
My Hoyt Helix Ultra with a ripcord rest, leaves not enough room between the back of the rest and my chin at full draw. I was shooting 4” feathers, three of them. The feathers were either into the fork of the ripcord, or rubbing my face at full draw. So I went to four 3” feathers. I shoot only fixed heads, Iron Will. Arrows are Beman 300, 31”, and bow set at 63 pounds. The arrows shoot just fine with this set up.

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
Yes, three blade unvented VPA.

From: Tradmike
Use that combo all the time. It works great with large fixed blade heads

I will share my experiences. I used three FlexFletch FFP418 for 12-14+ years I fletched myself at a 3* helical using and AZ EZ-Fletch jig. My FBH of choice was for the first 12 of the last 22 years a 3-blade 100grn 1-1/4" NAP T-Head. Then I transitioned to 3 blade 100grn WASP Boss SST still used the same FF/418's fletched same way. Then about 3-4 years ago got batch after batch of FF/418's that were having GREAT difficulty staying on and believe me 100% when I say I went to every length possible to insure it was not my fault. All I have ever used was FF/418's and trying a new fletching did not appeal to me but deer season was less than 12 weeks away and I needed to fletch some new carbons. So I tried some Q2i Fuzion-II 3.5" shield cut fletchings based on reviews here and at AT mostly because they were reviewed as being very durable and easy to get to stick on your carbon shafts and remained very well adhered. The Q2i Fletchings have a very wide channel (VS the FF/418's) that IHMO helps greatly for applying glue and ensuring they have more than sufficient contact surface area between the fletching and shaft. Have to say if anything the Q2i's adhere to D#@N well and have yet to have one rip off once glue has dried. Two years ago I let a local archery shop talk me into giving 4 fletched arrows a try using Blazer vanes and they did not perform any better in any measurable way for my setup shot out to my personal max of 50 yards, so I am staying with three Q2i Fusion-II 3.5" Shield cut vanes at a 3* helical. I shoot a Beman Carbon Elite 340 cut at 29.625" with 100grn Wasp Boss SST's with three Q2- F/2 3.5" shield cut vanes total arrow weight is 463 grains shot out of a Darton DS 3714 set at 58-59lb DW with a DL of 29.5" bow has chronoed at 268fps for a 5 shot average. The way I looked at it was why spend more money to buy a second arrow fletching jig and use 33% more fletchings add a additional layer of complexity and increase my chances of fletching errors and problems again by 33% for no visible gain in performance. So I am going to stay with what is working great An AZ EZ fletch jig, and three Q2i Fusion-II 3.5" shield cut fletchings at 3* helical. Unless you are shooting FB/BH with a very large to huge CD I don't see any measurable benefit to 4 fletchings vs 3.

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