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Pool Part - African Style!
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DVS 26-Oct-20
Drahthaar 26-Oct-20
CurveBow 26-Oct-20
drycreek 26-Oct-20
rjoe 29-Oct-20
TrapperKayak 29-Oct-20
Bowman 12-Feb-21
Dale06 12-Feb-21
Bowman 03-Mar-21
From: DVS

DVS's embedded Photo
DVS's embedded Photo
Pool Party - African Style! Just one problem, I don't think that this splash-pool will be large enough to accommodate all of us...

From: Drahthaar
Me either, Beautiful Bulls. Forrest

From: CurveBow
WOW - awesome!! Lots of black death there!


From: drycreek
That would just be too damn cool to witness in person.......

From: rjoe
I'd sure be nervous if I was looking at them from a pop up blind!!!

From: TrapperKayak
Yeah, and there aren't any trees big enough there to get up in safely out of reach.

From: Bowman
Do a site search for ‘sand’ and you’ll find tons of threads, advice, opinions and sources.

From: Dale06
I had a dozen of them under 30 yards when I was in a blind in SA a few years ago. I was hunting them, but none of that group were big enough. I did arrow one several days later. Watching them that close was pretty cool.

From: Bowman
Personally, I like going to a pool for the weekend right now. It often happens that I even spend a lot of time looking for a quality pool. I want the pool to be clean. Recently I was in one pool where the water was swampy. After that, I wanted to know why this is so, but they told me that they had not cleaned for a long time. I don't understand how you can have a pool and not take care of it. Even I know one site that has reviews of pool cleaners. For example, one site that I frequently visit tells about an automatic pool cleaner ( For some reason, no one pays attention to this, it seems that no one cares about the cleanliness of the pool and the health of the people who swim there.

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