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NV Ruby Mountain Rocky Mt Bighorns
Wild Sheep
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Tilzbow 26-Oct-20
Matt 26-Oct-20
Trial153 26-Oct-20
Treeline 27-Oct-20
From: Tilzbow

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Tilzbow's embedded Photo
My dream tag for years was for a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in NV’s Ruby Mountains. I’d even take this over a tag a MT Breaks tag due to the time I’ve spent in the Rubies and the fact the rams are genetically similar to the MT herds that also were transplanted from Alberta herds. I’d all but written this off after the massive 2010 die off that decimated the herd and reduced tags in the unit to zero for both residents and non-residents. The die off also eliminated the non-resident tags for the entire state and those non-residents with bonus points built up over years were no longer able to apply for RMBHS in NV.

Last week I was reading through the latest NBU Journal and there was an update on various herds in the state that had suffered die offs due to pneumonia. The update above was provided for the Ruby Mt herd and gives hope that there might be a tag or two available in the future.

From: Matt
Great news. We saw some sheep in there while deer hunting a decade or maybe 2 ago.

From: Trial153
Good news

From: Treeline
Certainly good news! There were bomber rams in there for sure! Hopefully the genetics have been maintained.

Not holding out hope that I will pull that tag in my lifetime, but will be glad when those mountains have a healthy sustainable, huntable sheep herd again.

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