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Heat Factory Insoles
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deserthunter 27-Oct-20
carcus 28-Oct-20
Milhouse 28-Oct-20
deserthunter 28-Oct-20
WV Mountaineer 28-Oct-20
Katahdin 28-Oct-20
Milhouse 29-Oct-20
APauls 29-Oct-20
From: deserthunter
Have any of you used the rechargeable insole from The Heat Factory ?

From: carcus
The thermocell ones sucked

From: Milhouse
I do not have experience with the heat factory insoles.... I'll second the opinion on the thermocell insoles...worthless in my opinion.

Hopefully someone has experience with them.... I'm interested in something that would keep my toes warm.

From: deserthunter
Yep. My toes get cold and I am done.

Toe warmers and attic shield boot blankets. I wear I insulated boots too. It is definitely the best way for me to keep my feet warm.

From: Katahdin
The thermocell ones were great when they worked. I had a couple of pair that stopped working and they gave me a credit toward a new pair. My last pair was the expensive one with bluetooth operation and when they stopped i found out that Themocell had sold the heated insole business to Heat Factory. Heat factory said they didn't support the Thermocell cut would give me a deal on their brand so now I am charging my Heat factory in preparation for hunting and one side is not responding. Good idea but not reliable I would stay away from these.

From: Milhouse
My experience with the thermocells (apparently now heat factory), was a little different.... the first pair didn't work at all. Returned them for exchange. Second pair didn't work at all. Returned them for refund. A couple od friends had similar results... lesson learned.

From: APauls
I find the best disposable ones are the whole heated insole. Just the toes isn't enough.

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