Happens every year and I don’t know how!
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From: Ucsdryder

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From: No Mercy
I honestly don't believe they mistake their target. Seriously, can people be that stupid? I think they get excited and shoot without verifying their target.

From: Z Barebow
I would concur w/Jason. I don't get it. Another reason to ID your target w/o your gun scope. (Naked eye, binoculars, spotting scope) Basic gun safety commandment. Do not ID through gun scope. (It could be a human!)

From: Ziek
Back when I rifle hunted, a long time ago, I can't tell you how many times I would look through binoculars at an orange coat and find myself staring into a rifle muzzle. Morons can't even remember one of the cardinal rules of gun safety. Never point/aim a gun at anything you don't intend to shoot.

There is no way to "accidentally" shoot ANYTHING. You can only negligently shoot something you don't intend to.

From: Treeline
Horrible. No excuse for this at all.

From: Cazador
Pretty easy really, and am not surprised. I could tell you a story about a bowhunter and shadows in the river bottom at low light that would make you rethink your walk out in the dark. I could tell you about a hunter and mountain goat shot at long range, that would question the use of white overalls and never even consider wearing them. I could tell you about a ML guy pointing his rifle at a bowhunter following a bloodtrail hammer back the list goes on. At the end of the day, we are people, and people do stupid things every day like it or not.

Here is a good one........ on the topic of stupid hunters. What has a longer term effect on the bigger picture? A guy shooting a moose by mistake? Or a bowhunter voting for the Biden/Harris ticket? Both stupid, and no excuse!

From: sdkhunter
Unfortunately, all too common. I think most of us would surprised to hear how much this sort of thing happens. A guy that my dad knows shot a farmers Llama - mistook it for a deer at first light. (he reimbursed the farmer obviously but geesh - people like that shouldn't be hunting) Another reason I hate gun hunting and all this long range shooting bs that seems to have popped up in the hunting world... Sorry, sorry, don't want to get off on a tangent...

From: Jaquomo
Here in N. CO a bowhunter shot another bowhunter at about 15 yards in a big willow patch. The guy panicked and ran instead of helping the screaming victim, and they never did figure out who did it. Luckily the hunter who was shot survived.

From: LINK
Geezz. To think I get sideways when I send my nephew to shoot a 160” ten point, that he has seen multiple pictures of and he shoots a 130” ten point thinking it’s the big one. Lol. I can’t imagine not nowing what your shooting at to the point of shooting a different species. No excuse for the moronic stories told above.

From: Grey Ghost
Several years ago, a game warden told me a story about an idiot who had shot a moose and put his elk tag on it. When the hunter pulled into a road-side hunter check station, the dumbass argued that it wasn't a moose because he had "shot one just like it last year". Some people shouldn't get hunting licenses.


From: DanaC
We had an idiot shoot a moose here in central Massachusetts several years ago. Not sure why, there is no way in hell you're gonna sneak that sucker out. Case is unsolved. Our sportsman's club, and several others, have a standing reward of over $5000 for information leading to arrest and conviction. Some people are garden variety idiots, others transcend the boundaries...

From: WapitiBob

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WapitiBob's embedded Photo
Elk are easily distinguished from Moose by their light brown color and darker mane.

From: JL
I read this thread and think about that graphic pic of a guy with an arrow sticking out of his head. That pic was floating around the internet probably 12-15 years ago. Someone failed to verify their target and he got hit in the head. Lucky guy for sure to survive that mishap.

From: Aspen Ghost
Bob, did the Llama pack itself out?

From: Whocares
Pig Doc, that literally makes me sick!

From: WVFarrier
3 years ago i got shot in the calf by a duck hunter. i was in my tree saddle when this yahoo and his buddy came up the river about 30 yards away. The ducks flew into the woods and those idiots shot into the woods.....during deer season!!! I ended up with 4 pellets lodged in the muscle but came out of the tree looking for a fight. They couldnt get that boat moving quick enough

From: Adam B
A buddy got shot through the leg by a guy he was hinting with who watched him walk in the same trail. Broad head through the bone but he survived. Crossbow after legal hours.

From: Copperhead
Many years ago I was firearms hunting in north central Missouri for whitetail on public ground. When I pulled into a parking lot that had one other vehicle in it. We got out and commenced to preparing to hunt when the fellow in the other vehicle got out. He was a man of color and was wearing brown coveralls, gloves and a white stocking cap. I asked if he had any orange and he said no. Then I ask where he was hunting, then I went the other way.

From: goyt
A friend from high school's brother shot and killed their dad. The father dropped the young boy off at a location to gun hunt from the ground in the dark. The father walked off to where he was going to hunt. Best guess is that the father got turned around and ended up walking by his son who shot him in the chest thinking that he was a deer. I was hunting a few miles away and I heard the ambulance when it was still to dark to shoot. The family lived in the house next door and amazing the mother and the rest of the family were able to forgive the shooter. The family stay close the whole time that I knew them.

From: BigOzzie
low light can confuse.

I am hunting in town (sort of) and last night night at last light, I had a coyote come in under my stand I knew it was a coyote, but thought what there shouldn't be any coyotes right in the middle of town. Light was low and I wanted to verify it wasn't a neighborhood dog. I knew it wasn't, and turns out it wasn't a dog, it was a coyote, but it got too close before I verified that, and I didn't get a shot. low light made me doubt myself. Wish more of these stories above had verified before they shot.


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