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String Silencers
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LINK 06-Nov-20
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Bou'bound 06-Nov-20
APauls 06-Nov-20
jmiller 07-Nov-20
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DMTJAGER 16-Nov-20
From: LINK
My old Darton back in the day had string silencers on it and they helped. When I got my current bow in 2007 it was so quiet in comparison I never put any on. I am looking at getting a new VXR and was curious if people like string silencers or are the new compounds so quiet they are not needed? If you like silencers throw out the brand you use.

From: Skippy
I have the VXR and I use the monkey tail string silencers that come on it. It’s quiet right out of the box.

The new bows from some manufacturers are very quiet. Some aren’t. Depends on the bow. What isn’t debatable to me is any bow I own is going to have some type of silencer on the string. Animals are simply too quick to allow a sharp slap versus a muted thump. Especially a whitetail deer.

From: Bou'bound
I am running some Limbsaver thingy

From: APauls
I thought the VXR when I shot it was really quiet. I put cat whiskers on my Revolt and it's the quietest thing I've ever shot now. Hardly hear it go off. Not sure why cat whiskers fell out of style they work so well.

From: jmiller
I use beaver fur on my compound. Waterproof and quiet

From: midwest
must. resist. smart ass. comment.

From: Grubby
Beaver doesn’t have fur anymore so I use old fashioned cat whiskers

From: SIP
Potato potato

From: cptbs
I'm liking string silencers made from 550 cord on my stick bows, lightweight, water proof. Haven't tried on compound yet.

From: carcus
I had a vxr31.5 quiet bow, it comes with monkey tails, the factory strings are terrible, but i did notice they made the bow quieter and more dead in hand than the high end aftermarket i never did try the bow without, the other things i didn't like about it was the finish rubs off super easily and it a hard bow to draw, it feels 10 pounds heavier than its is, which makes it hard to let down as well, it its fast though

I use and love plane old wrap around and tie on then pull and cut cat whisker type string silencers. Ones on my DS-31714 been there since day one for 5 years and work great. Cheap and VERY easy to put on and do not require a press pr to separate strings to install and have zero affect on my peep install. Dis try the other type that go inside the string but made recordings of shooting them and they didn't sound any quieter in blind sound tests with my kids and fellow archers.

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