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craigmcalvey 07-Nov-20
Skippy 08-Nov-20
Grunt-N-Gobble 08-Nov-20
JTreeman 08-Nov-20
From: craigmcalvey
I took the plunge and ordered some vortex broadheads to try on deer. Do I need a bar on my arrow due to the design or will the head stop the blades folding back? Will be using 125gr steel version.


From: Skippy
I shoot vortex, you won’t be disappointed on W/T. I have shot thru 250# hogs with them. Not sure I understand your question?

I'm guessing he's using arrows that have the HIT insert system.

From: JTreeman
No, you do not need the BAR with those heads if the issue you are concerned with is the blades opening against the end of the shaft. Vortex blades open against the ferule of of the head, not against a washer or the end of the shaft.

There could be other reasons to use the BAR rings, but I feel the way you asked the question you probably don’t need them.


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