Ohio Hunting Pressure near Logan
Whitetail Deer
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DRR324 09-Nov-20
scott7030 09-Nov-20
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Huntiam 09-Nov-20
From: DRR324
Looking for some solid info as to what my expectations should be for rifle hunting pressure near here on Dec 3-6? Planning to head back down from N Mich as my archery hunt a couple weeks ago leaves me with my tag unused. My spots are pretty remote and I walk past a couple 2x4 ladder stands at one of them (both 100 yards from the parking) but I'm planning all day sits as long as I don't get bumped out by other guys. Also plan to be the first guy in and last guy out... Was going to give up the Thursday morning hunt and just do some driving in the morning to vehicle check my parking spots and get a feel for the pressure as well. If I happen upon one of my spots with no one there- I'll probably dive in and hunt.

Of course everything I read says "worst experience ever" "guy behind every tree" "shots flying randomly every where", etc. etc. Like 90% of the crap posted on the net- worst experience and reviews are what people want to post just for the sympathy. What I 'm looking for is real world experience and replies from serious guys that have been there and done that.

If guys want to PM me I'd be a bit more open to dialing in specific locations if they know the area well. If someone happens to have access to private with 130-150" they want removed I'd be more than happy to oblige my civic duty to our brotherhood and try to rid your piece of said buck!!

Thanks guys and looking forward to some solid info- good or bad. Dave

From: scott7030
I've been in your shoes a few times, head to Ohio for some rut bow hunting then decide I should try a gun season since my tag is still good. I'd say my archery hunting experience has been great, I've never ran into another hunter, but I'm usually two ridges away from any road. Now come shotgun and muzzy season. I've ran into lots of guys, usually troops of Amish especially in the muzzy season. I did hunt the shotgun season a few years ago and we camped 2 miles from the road, we didn't see any hunters, but we didn't see many deer either. I have seen lots of deer drives even through really rough country during gun seasons as well. I'm sure there are areas that don't see a ton of pressure, but I'm not sure where those maybe yet. all you can do is try.

From: esean
Thu and Fri might not be too bad, but expect competition to pick up Sat and Sun. Gun season seems to have gone done in popularity around me, but its all private land for a long way. I have driven through public lands in SE OH midweek and seen surprisingly few vehicles.

From: Huntiam
It’s pretty bad man..I’ve hunted that area for many me I’ll help you if I can

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