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monmouth533-1 11-Nov-20
kevin3006 11-Nov-20
deerslayer 11-Nov-20
Boone 11-Nov-20
Chief 419 11-Nov-20
Bowboy 11-Nov-20
Milhouse 11-Nov-20
monmouth533-1 11-Nov-20
njbuck 11-Nov-20
leo17 11-Nov-20
Capt C 12-Nov-20
Gonna finally put in for an archery hunt next year as I have been saving my points. If you had a choice what part of state and outfitter suggestions. I have hunted in Ringold and Corning before. I lost my old handle and had to re-register.

Thanks in advance

From: kevin3006
Steve Hanson of Straight Arrow Outfitters would be my first call. He hunts in 5 in south central Iowa near Albia.

From: deerslayer
I would recommend Steve Hanson (Straight Arrow Outfitters) or Reed Whiting - BBD outfitters. Steve is a top notch guy and a solid outfitter. BBD is a newer operation, but they have lots of good leases and great accommodations.

From: Boone
Ever thought of knocking on doors? Just returned last week from hunting south of Corning the one farmer said shoot them all. The farmers want them all gone in my own opinion. I was there in 08 11 14 and 20. The deer population has decided dramatically with the number of decimation tags the farmers are getting

From: Chief 419
I'd recommend Shermoe Adventures - Zone 4, Bryant Shermoe. He's pricey but you'll be the first and likely only hunter to sit in the stand that season. He has some prime ground, comfortable camp and high success rate. When talking to outfitters, make sure to ask how many hunters will be in camp and how many he takes each season. I can't stress enough to stay away from the larger outfitters who are running 8-16 hunters per week. Just my opinion. Good luck.

From: Bowboy
I just hunted with Steve Hanson Straight Arrow Outfitters. He's a top notch outfitter and the guides are great. You'll be happy if you book with him. Question is how many points do you have?

From: Milhouse
I'm booked with Buffalo Country Outfitters for next fall.... Joel Artis is the owner, snd he also operates out of Wisconsin....his Iowa operation is relatively new. I went with him after a few phone conversations. A lot of what we talked about was what I DIDN'T want..... someone who plays "favorites" as far as stand assignments, celebrity hunters getting the prime spots, over hunted stands, etc. Joel seemed to have the right answers as far as I was concerned. He does not have a lodge in Iowa, so you're on your own for room and board, which doesn't bother me at all. He hunts Zone 5, around Chariton IA.

I have 5 points.

Hi Boone I have access to ground in Corning if I want. It all comes down to time. If I hunt Corning it’s a few trips out to scout , hang stands etc. I also have a farm in Illinois so time is something I’m kind of short on.

I guess I should of also offered a hunt up to trade as well. I have 111 acres in Calhoun County, Illinois that I would be willing to offer up. I don’t plan on Archery Hunting it next year at all. So this hunter would be the first and only person on the ground.

From: njbuck
Cole Winther, Southwest Iowa Outfitters. Tons of land with lots of big deer.

From: leo17
Steve Hansen straight arrow outfitters. Zone 5

From: Capt C
Another one for Steve Hanson I was there 2 years ago and hoping I draw 2022 and I’ll be there again,Steve and the boys were first class no doubt and the hunting was unreal!! Steve if you read this I’ll see you in a couple years buddy and we’ll cook up some more bacon wrapped scallops again.

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