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Reasonable insulated pants
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DonVathome 11-Nov-20
Bob H in NH 11-Nov-20
elash 11-Nov-20
DonVathome 13-Nov-20
Cheesehead Mike 13-Nov-20
craigmcalvey 14-Nov-20
neuse 14-Nov-20
JusPassin 14-Nov-20
From: DonVathome
I am looking for some reasonable priced camo insulated pants. Preferably from Cabela's. Something quite and durable. Not crazy heavy thick pants, just insulated so I would say "medium" weight insulation.

From: Bob H in NH
I just layer under them . Thermals, even sweat pants. Have a warm set of bibs for under 20

From: elash
The Cabelas Outfitter Series is not what it used to be, but for the money, it's ok. They make it in Berber fleece or Wooltimate...both are quiet. The MT050 is not as quiet, and is more expensive.

From: DonVathome

I have some Predator fall grey thick fleece pants that I bought off Camofire that I like a lot

From: craigmcalvey
Another vote for cabelas berber fleece. I have a couple sets and love it. Definitely not for long walks of temps above 40 or so. Usually can pick some up cheap on AT. I bought my last set on there for the price of just the pants in the store. Just have to be patient.


From: neuse
Wrangler makes a fleece lined blue jeans. I have a pair and they are comfortable and warm.

From: JusPassin
Look at Natural Gear. Great stuff for the money.

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