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Best heated vest
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non-typical 13-Nov-20
Shawn 13-Nov-20
elash 15-Nov-20
PAOH 15-Nov-20
Shug 15-Nov-20
midwest 16-Nov-20
From: non-typical
Looking to get one. Really don’t want an Iwom or heater body suit just want a good vest that is heated. What do you recommend? Thanks

From: Shawn
Pnuma!! Just get a couple -few batteries as if you use it on high you get about 2.5-3 hours on a battery. Shawn

From: elash
Been using the Milwaukee, and it works. Battery sits in a pocket on the left flank...surprisingly it's not in the way for stand sitting. It is fitting a little small for its size. I believe it eliminates one significantly sized undergarment, and that makes it easier to shoot. Have been pleasantly surprised. The batteries last and are quite available.

From: PAOH
Arris has worked very well for me.

From: Shug
I have the pnuma as well. I also bought a couple extra batteries but one didn’t work I called two days ago to let them know and they put a replacement right in the mail. I told the girl at customer service about an idea I had for their products.

Changing a battery can be a pain in the butt on stand so my idea was to put extra wiring and switch on both side instead of one. This way when one battery dies you only have to press a second button.

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Here's a link to a recent thread on the same subject.

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