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Carnivorous rabbits?
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DonVathome 13-Nov-20
Ambush 13-Nov-20
Zbone 13-Nov-20
blue spot 13-Nov-20
Tilzbow 13-Nov-20
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drycreek 13-Nov-20
Brian M. 13-Nov-20
Cut2Kill 13-Nov-20
WV Mountaineer 13-Nov-20
keepemsharp 13-Nov-20
Scoot 13-Nov-20
LINK 14-Nov-20
JusPassin 14-Nov-20
DonVathome 14-Nov-20
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Jeff Durnell 08-Dec-20
Rut Nut 08-Dec-20
Grey Ghost 08-Dec-20
Shuteye 09-Dec-20
elkmtngear 09-Dec-20
From: DonVathome
I have live traps out to catch raccoons baited with rotting tunafish. Recently I have caught 2 rabbits! This has never happened before and I found it odd.

From: Ambush
Rabbits and squirrels will both eat meat.

From: Zbone
Thanks for the tip... My dad has been trying to cage trap rabbits out of his yard but just keeps catching squirrels with apples... Will tell him about the tuna fish and see how it goes...

From: blue spot
is there a salty element to the tuna ?

Didn't anybody here watch Monty Python?!


From: Tilzbow
Huge Teeth!

Holy Grail! Ha.

anyone who has raised mice knows they are vicious, if you forget to feed them the mom will eat the babies.

From: Supernaut
Look at the bones!!!

From: drycreek
Actually rabbits prefer filet mignon, but a hungry one might eat tuna, especially if he’s trying to lose weight.

From: Brian M.
My guess would be the salt content.

From: Cut2Kill

Cut2Kill's Link
"Oh go chop its head off"

Rabbit will eat their own young.

From: keepemsharp
Watership Downs comes to life.

From: Scoot
They are carnivorous-- I saw one eating a cheeseburger once!

From: LINK
Anyone that’s had chickens knows they will eat anything. I haven’t tried feeding them tuna but they eat mice, toads abs dog poop on a regular basis.

From: JusPassin
Use those little individual cat food packs, way cheaper than tuna and stinks more.

From: DonVathome
JusPassin good idea! What is odd is I caught 2 this year in the same place where I have never caught one in the past 5 years. Also unlike coons they did not eat the tuna. Didn't even knock it over.

From: Zbone
Best coon bait is marshmellows and grape jelly... Caught literally dozens of coon using this cat proof bait... Used to be licensed DNR nuisance trapper and had a guy want me to rid coon getting in his cat food... Caught 23 coon and 4 opossum using that bait and never once caught one of his cats... Cats wont touch it...

Get one of those small clear plastic containers (macaroni/potato salad containers) grab a few marshmellows, squeese atop grape jelly and mix.... Drop a couple 2, 3, or 4 trailing to the cage and slide the container back of the trigger...

From: Bowhunt3138
I've seen hares come in and eat meat at bear bait in Quebec almost daily.

From: RIT
We have rabbits mixed in with kittens in the barn and the rabbits eat cat food all the time. I 2nd they will eat their young that’s happened to us a few times.

I use chicken eggs when trapping raccoons. If I put a single egg in the back of a trap I’ll usually have a coon in 24 hours. These of course are conditioned to come to our barn for eggs and cat food.

From: midwest
It is now impossible for my brain to not read the thread title as "Coronavirus rabbits".

From: Tonybear61
Sacred Hand Grenade of Antiarc ought to do it, just count 1, 2, 4 no 3 my Lord,,,

From: Zbone
Am curious how the trapping is going Don and if you tried the jelly marshmellows?

From: Bowfreak
I used to trap coons that would eat the cat food. I have caught my cats a couple of times baiting with marshmallows.

From: TrapperKayak
Bowfreak, your cats trap?

From: Jeff Durnell
I once watched a wild cottontail rabbit kill a medium size snake. I don't know how long the battle had been going on when I found them, but I watched for about 10 minutes, the snake was mostly a goner, but you know how they keep moving for a while after? Well the rabbit thought that meant he was still fighting back, so it kept biting, grabbing and flipping it into the air until it quit moving altogether. That rabbit was moving like a mongoose and really messed it up. I left, and just assumed it was a female protecting a nest of young, but maybe it intended to eat it. I should have stuck around a bit longer to find out.

From: Rut Nut
LMBO Midwest! I was trying to figure out what trapping rabbits had to do with the virus! ;-)

I must have read it 5 or 6 times at least...........................................................

From: Grey Ghost
My father raised domestic rabbits for meat. Every once in a while he'd get a breeder doe that would eat her litters. She'd end up in the crock pot.


From: Shuteye
My neighbor had a problem with coons digging up her flower garden. I put a live trap up there and baited it with apples since they have cats. I caught five coons in a few days. If I used tuna the trap would of had a cat before I got home. Also caught a young red fox too, they like apples. Apples also will catch possums and rabbits. I call a friend from another state and he picks up the coons. He uses them to train his coon hound puppies.

From: elkmtngear

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