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2020 was a LONG season!
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gil_wy 21-Nov-20
easeup 22-Nov-20
From: gil_wy

gil_wy's embedded Photo
gil_wy's embedded Photo
Well, drew (what used to be) a great tag. Super excited... well 20 days of archery hunting and 12 days rifle hunting resulted in this bull. Had some opportunities in archery season but got a little greedy. Just couldn’t get away from other hunters! I’ve never seen anything like it and hope to not do it again!

Oh, and the most 2020 thing ever, I had to wait two weeks to get out of quarantine to go hunt this weekend!

So my count now is 15 archery bulls and 2 rifle bulls.

* sorry if anyone is offended by my rifle bull in this post. Figured some of my old friends would like an update.

From: ElkNut1
Way to go Cory, beautiful bull sir! I wouldn't be too concerned with anyone butt hurt about weapon of use. Thank you for sharing sir!


From: Jaquomo
Great bull, Cory! Tough hunting in many parts of WY this year, plus the China virus complications. Glad you scored!

From: deerslayer
We are hunters, first and foremost. Sometimes archery season can be a total bust and a guy is happy to take one with a rifle. Some of my hardest hunted seasons, where I put the most time and effort in, have been the worst, and I was elated to be able to fill my tag with a rifle. No shame in it at all. Great bull and great effort!

when I flew out to nm for my archery elk hunt this season there was a big sign in the airport ' STOP, by order of the Gov. of NM, you are ordered to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival" - yea right! great bull and thank you for sharing. I've got 8 elk points in Wyoming and I'll likely use them in the next 2 years.

Cazador will be here soon to admonish you... but I’m here to congratulate you sir.. that’s a lot of hunting and can weigh on ya.. great job!

From: stringgunner
Congrats. Based on past threads, I might be able to piece together the unit. If I’m right, I was there last year and being a former Wyoming resident where I was able to hunt it many seasons, it has in fact changed a ton. To put a bull down like that is a major feat now days. Congrats.

From: Ketari
Good bull.

Season has still got two months left.

Shoulder hunts til March.


From: Cazador
"Cazador will be here soon to admonish you... but I’m here to congratulate you sir.. that’s a lot of hunting and can weigh on ya.. great job!"

On the contrary, Gil has been around forever. Glad to see him posting and that he's alive and well. I always thought you were pretty stand up as well, guess everyone has bad days.

From: Norseman
Congrats! Awesome bull! Thanks for sharing

From: Bowboy
Congrats Gil! I agree 2020 was a long season. I've hunted my elk area for 26yrs and this the amount of nonresidents was unbelievable. I felt I wasn't hunting in WY at times.

From: Treeline
Congratulations Gil! Great bull! Sounds like you had a lot of time in the elk woods this fall and, for that I am envious!

From: Bowbender
Congrats on a nice bull!! The only thing I'm envious of, is the fact you got in 32 days of elk hunting!

From: Grey Ghost
Congrats, Cory!

You put 4 more days into it than I did. I know how mentally and physically grinding it can be. Way to hang tough and get the job done.


From: Brun
Congrats and great bull. I'm curious about the crowding comments though. Did they issue a lot more tags in Wyoming this year? Did people spend more time in the woods? I'm curious because all non resident tags are limited in Wyoming and I don't see how there could be that many more hunters unless they increased tags. I must be missing something here.

From: cnelk
^^^ They werent necessarily 'hunters' - probably forest users. I noticed a huge amount of WY Residents glamping in the Bighorns this September. Thanks to Covid

From: sticksender
Beautiful bull and you earned him.....congrats.

From: Mt. man

From: maxracx
Great Bull!!! Congrats

From: Brotsky
Congrats Gil, we also had to resort to the boom stick to fill our WY bull tag this year after getting hammered with snow during archery season. It is nice having the option.

From: Jaquomo
Brun, where I hunted in WY the NF supervisor stopped by my camp and said he had never seen so many other people in southern WY where I was. He attributed part of it to the fire in the Snowies that displaced a LOT of hunters, part of it to a fairly new, young biologist who was sending people to that area when they called to ask for advice, and part to just an explosion of people in the woods this summer. He wasn't very happy because it was his bowhunting area too, and it was overrun. I encountered several "groups" of midwestern bowhunters where a couple had tags, but the whole bunch came along and combed the woods for them, bugling and Hoochie Mamaing their heads off.

From: HiMtnHnter
Way to stick with it. It's a fine bull. I have see similar things this year with the hunting. Trouble is lots of folks see Wyoming as this last great frontier. Anybody remember when they said that about Colorado?....

From: Scoot
Congrats Cory!

From: T Mac
Wow Great bull congrats!

From: BigOk

From: Z Barebow
Nice to hear from you Gil! A great bull.

From: Mule Power
Beautiful bull congratulations! Let’s see a side view of that!

From: Royboy
Good bull congratulations! I had a tough time in Wyoming also but didn’t get back for the rifle season

From: gil_wy
Thanks guys. I was really fortunate to get the days to hint I did. As far as the pressure, I can’t really explain it. The areas I hunted, I have literally never seen another hunter in for 15+ years. This year it was multiple hunters each day being called in. That said, I passed on two bulls during archery about the same size as this bull and a bunch of smaller bulls so obviously it wasn’t a bad hunt. Just a way different than I’ve ever experienced. I guess, if nothing else, it’s an excuse to explore other areas and see some new country next year!

Congrats man

You certainly know the secret spots in that unit


From: gil_wy
Robb, I thought I did... I killed this bull on a mountain that I’d never hunted, ironically, because I always thought there was too much pressure. Never saw another hunter that day... gotta love the irony of 2020.

From: easeup
I was not offended by reading your post..........:)

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