Frozen safety lines
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From: skookumjt
I finally wised up and started using safety lines a few years ago. How I survived 40 years of treestands without a major accident is beyond me. I now use them religiously and feel much safer in my stands.

My question is how do you guys keep them from freezing? Invariably when I get to my stand after late October the prusik knot is frozen to the rope. Generally after some prying I can get it free but often it will just slide on the safety line after. Even less fun is when the knot freezes while I am sitting and I have to free it in the dark with numb fingers.

Any of you have any tricks?

From: kadbow
I always wonder how safe they are with rope and knot frozen.

From: JohnMC
Wonder if you wadded it up with prusik knot and put in a plastic bag as high as you could reach when leaving. Would not help with upper part of rope but at least knot and lower have of rope would not be frozen.

From: Fields
how about taking the knot with you when you leave and reattach when you arrive in the morning.

From: stagetek
HSS has a rubber boot that hangs over the prussic knot. That won't keep the line from freezing, but it will keep the prussic from freezing.

From: fisherick
Carry a spare prussic loop. Or use a hand warmer around knot.

From: Ridge Runner
My rubber boot only lasted a month or so Critters tore it apart I did like it thought Made climbing quieter by me not banging the carabiner on the sticks

From: t-roy
Ridge Runner x2^^^. Cowbells worked good at keeping things quiet, but the dang squirrels made short work of them.

Anybody have problems with the squirrels chewing on the ropes, themselves? I was concerned about that being a problem, but so far, it hasn’t been, thankfully.

From: air leak
That happened recently, knot and rope frozen. I just climbed up the ladder carefully, one rung at a time.

Hooked up to the rope around the tree when I was in my stand.

From: Wild Bill
Black static line, to absorb solar heat?

I second the idea of bringing your Prusik with you. Just be sure you are clear on how to attach it.

From: RIT
You could always tag out before weather becomes a problem.

From: 35-Acre
^ RIT! That's funny.

I agree, the harness and rope is by far the safest thing! We used to use one "belt" around the waist - what a disaster that would have been if we fell. We would have been upside down and died.

I had bought mine at Dick's (safety rope/prussik combined). Earlier this year, I got a recall notice for exactly this issue of it freezing (of course they would give you your money back but there isn't a solution/replacement; so it was just a legal notice I guess). I kept mine.

Here's what I do: I use a climber. So I take my safety rope setup and all with me when I leave. When I arrive at my tree, I put the rope around the tree, connect the prussik to my caribiner on my harness and climb up, move the rope up, climb some more... To come down, I reverse the process. I guess it could get wet or freeze if I was out there in the extremes. Usually if it's that bad, I am getting down and heading back to the dry/warmth of my cabin anyway. But if it's just snowing - I live near Buffalo, NY - I stay out and keep my eyes peeled and my hands in my pockets.

For ladder and stick guys... I guess this is more complicated for ladder and latch-on stands. Could you use two safety rope/prussik combos so that you could bring them out with you? What I was thinking was if you have a stick ladder and a latch on:

Loop the first safety rope/prussik around the stick ladder, connect it to your harness and move it a couple rungs up as you go. Once you get to the platform, step on, swing the second setup around the tree and then connect that prussik it to your harness. Then disconnect the first one. You can then leave the first one connected to the stick ladder for when you're ready to climb back down. Just reverse the process (connect to that one, disconnect the one around the tree and climb down)

From: skookumjt
I guess bringing the prusik knot out every time would be an option. Wrapping them on the line isn't terribly difficult but can be a struggle sometimes. It doesn't solve the problem of the static line freezing however.

The lines being black won't warm them enough to melt them.

I'm thinking about looking into an ascender for climbing rather than a prusik knot.

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