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Buck decoy experts how do Y do it
Whitetail Deer
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DMTJAGER 16-Nov-20
Using a buck decoy bow hunting has always interested me. I bought a guy by the name of Storm and decoying mature bucks I did give using a Doe decoy a try (23-25 years ago) because when I bought a deer decoy buck decoys were outrageous out of my affordability. I had absolutely horrible results using a doe decoy spooking both does and bucks alike. Sold it and kinda forgot about it.

So I think it might be a great idea if those who are consistently successful in using buck decoys to bring in a kill bigger mature bucks tell what they do that works and when and why they use them and what didn't work and when and why they dont use a buck decoy as in when it is more likely to spook a shooter buck than bring him into bow range.

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