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Hamskea rest, micro adj question.
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DMTJAGER 17-Nov-20
Bowfreak 17-Nov-20
carcus 17-Nov-20
Hank_S 17-Nov-20
Ucsdryder 17-Nov-20
To all you owners and lovers of the Hamskea Trinity Hunter Pro micro tune rest. Does the micro tune ACTUALLY micro tune? By that I mean when you use the micro adjustment, once you adjust it the amount you want and then tighten the bolt, does it remain rock solid at that adjustment every time or does it move? I have a Madusa Max micro adjust rest and it is awesome and has given me flawless bullet proof performance, EXCEPT for when I try to make as minor a adjustment as possible to center shot of the rest then go to tighten the bolt and it 9x out of 10 will move the arrow rest causing me no end of frustration. I have learned how to compensate for this but for a almost $140 rest I feel it is an unacceptable issue. I am setting up another bow and are seriously considering the Hamskea mostly because of it looks to be bomb proof tough but wish to know if the micro adjust will give me problems like the Madusa max did when I adjust then tighten the arrow rest for center shot. Thanks, Art.

From: Bowfreak

I can't tell you about the Trinity but if the micro is similar to the hybrid hunter you will have no issues. The Hy rid Hunter is true micro adjust and holds the adjustment you make while you lock it down with the locking screw.

From: carcus
I have one, it doesn't move when you tighten it down

From: Hank_S
I have one as well, it does not move when you tighten it down.

From: Ucsdryder
Yes the micro is amazing. Once it’s tightened down it’s Locked in place. You want the micro!

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