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drslyr - Nov-17 Mobile live hunt from Ma
Whitetail Deer
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drslyr 17-Nov-20
Hammer 17-Nov-20
Will 17-Nov-20
spike78 18-Nov-20
Bou'bound 18-Nov-20
MA-PAdeerslayer 19-Nov-20
drslyr 20-Nov-20
MA-PAdeerslayer 20-Nov-20
From: drslyr
5:43 AM LIVE from Ma*
Live from WHATTTTTT? " Massachusetts" its tues morning!

From: Hammer
Good morning from Long Island ... switching it up a little? Good luck out there ! Mike

From: Will
Fingers crossed your home state treats you better than NY!

From: spike78
No response MA strikes again!

From: Bou'bound
anything so far?

Drslyr what do you shoot in NY for rifle?? I’m debating bringing the new 6.5 to PA this year. Tough to put down the old reliable 270 tho

From: drslyr

drslyr's embedded Photo
drslyr's embedded Photo
I shoot a thompson center encore in 30/06. Did some trigger work and got her down to 2.25lbs pull...... huge difference from factory 7.25..... she’s a tack driver. Reload my own too GMX full copper 150grn. 49 grns. Of varget goin around 2800fps

Sweet rifle. Love the TC. Definitely my next rifle. Want pro hunter so I can change barrels!

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