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Binos for kids
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SBH 17-Nov-20
Gus 17-Nov-20
HiMtnHnter 17-Nov-20
Fields 17-Nov-20
5575 17-Nov-20
Lost Arra 18-Nov-20
Trial153 18-Nov-20
SBH 18-Nov-20
From: SBH
Looking for opinions on binoculars for the boys. I have 4 boys. They aren't all getting pair but I'd like to get at least 2 pairs. We all hunted together a fair amount this year and they would have had more fun if I had at least one more. My older two enjoy going out glassing in the evenings and we do that often to scout and watch critters. I use swarovski way am I buying two more sets for 13 year old boys to use:) I have an older pair of Nikon monarchs they use but they are pretty beat up. What would you all do? Need two pairs, under $300 each. What would you buy?

From: Gus
I just went through this with my son. I got him Vortex Diamondback 10X42mm. I think they are pretty good buy for the price.

From: HiMtnHnter
I got my kids some vortex binos. 10x25s I believe. Nice and light, impressively clear.

From: Fields
I agree . Vortex... and.... Id buy enough pair for each kid to have one... Listening to the kid or two who doesn't have a pair and wants to see will drive a person insane.. LOL..

From: 5575

5575's Link
The best cheap glass you will ever look through and I have swaro ELs. All my buddies here at work have alpha German glass. I handed each one of them these with their eyes close and told them to tell me what they thought the cost. Every one guessed over a grand.. cost $150 and free shipping. The bird watchers weren't kidding they are good, ED glass lifetime warranty and all.

From: Lost Arra
I agree with 5575 on the Vanguards or Sightron Blue Sky II 8x32 for $177. I own Swaro but usually hunt the Sightrons in treestands and have purchased them for my kids (adults).

From: Trial153
Maven C1

From: SBH
Right on! Thanks fellas

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