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rooster 19-Nov-20
carcus 20-Nov-20
Cornpone 20-Nov-20
wyobullshooter 20-Nov-20
rooster 20-Nov-20
Bowboy 20-Nov-20
From: rooster
So, I've been looking for a new or new to me bow. I've looked and and shot the newer Mathews and Hoyt offerings. I have a 27" draw length. Is it better to have a cam in say 26" to 28" range or 27" to 30"? Is there a mechanical advantage to either considering my draw length? Thanks for your responses.

From: carcus
Lots of nice bows out there, I've owned 5 flagship models in the last year, try pse, I had the mathews vxr 31.5, its tough to draw and the stock strings suck, my evo nxt 31 draws like butter and I didn't have to change the strings, best stock strings, and its just as fast with 1/2" longer brace height and its close to $400 less. Oh and draw length adjustable without changing mods

From: Cornpone
I've got a Bowtech Revolt. Nicest bow I've ever owned. Easily adjustable for DL, flip the cams over for Performance or Comfort modes, cams can be adjusted horizontally for bare shaft nock tuning.

To the OP’s question, I’ve always been told that to get optimum efficiency, it’s better to get the cam that’s fits your draw length in the middle or upper end rather than on the lower end.

From: rooster
Thanks wyo, that's the info I was looking for and what I thought to be the case.

From: Bowboy
Yep Wyo x2. I have a 27" draw an always get the cam in the middle or upper range. Like stated it's more efficient.

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