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Elbow Tendonitis
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JL 22-Nov-20
Drahthaar 22-Nov-20
BOWUNTR 22-Nov-20
BigOzzie 23-Nov-20
Jaquomo 23-Nov-20
Shiras42 23-Nov-20
WapitiBob 23-Nov-20
jjs 23-Nov-20
Patdel 23-Nov-20
Jaquomo 23-Nov-20
BTP 23-Nov-20
IdyllwildArcher 23-Nov-20
Old School 23-Nov-20
Stick 23-Nov-20
From: JL
My left elbow (bow elbow) feels a little pain when trying to fully extend it. I've been shooting my bow alot lately breaking in new strings/cables. I can rub the side of my elbow and find a spaghetti sized nerve (I think that's what it is) between the ball joints. When I rub that it hurts some. I was wondering if by chance I may have over-extended my elbow once or twice while shooting. Just curious....anyone else have that elbow pain when extending issue if they have been shooting too much? None of the connecting tendons hurt....just that little thin nerve on the outside of the elbow.

From: Drahthaar
Go on youtube they have some doctors that will show you a exercise to do , it works. Forrest

Mine went away with a prednisone treatment. It was chronic for over a year. Ed F

From: BigOzzie
what Drahth said, the therapy is a flexing of the hand up and down, and it works.


From: Jaquomo
There are quite a few exercises you can do at home while watching TV using light hand weights. Do the Google. I did prescribed PT to fix mine and it worked. Now I do these exercises regularly to prevent it because I've dealt with this my whole life.

From: Shiras42
So glad I stumbled on this. Mine has gotten so bad it is difficult to pick up a glass of water. Where is everyone else's pain centered? Mine starts on the outside of the elbow joint and runs down the front of the forearm.

From: WapitiBob

WapitiBob's embedded Photo
WapitiBob's embedded Photo
Get the juice and get on with life.

From: jjs
I ended up with the ulna nerve rewrapped, couldn't even touch it without firing off, use to be called the crazy bone. Had done with a rotator surgery, PT afterwards and good to go.

From: Patdel
I've been battling that for years. Stretching will help. Is it on the inside of your elbow, or the outside? Or both like me? Go see a pt they can prbly help you out. Or just check you tube, for pt videos.

If you find something that works, stay consistent with it, or it comes creeping back.

From: Jaquomo
I got the juice after acupuncture with electric stimulation didn't work. But I fly fish so much that it eventually came back, so I went to an Orthopedic, who put me on a PT-exercise regimen. After the inflammation went down and I did the PT, havent6had any more issues. But I keep up with the exercises and stretching regularly.

From: BTP
I actually play tennis to stay fit. I just got the juice Thursday and I can pick up a coffee cup without feeling like I'm going to drop it.

Funny, I didn't have pain drawing my bow.

I also stretch and the Ortho suggested a freezable sleeve to wear after I play. You put it in the freezer and then it fits over your elbow. I also do the Androgel topical.

Its amazing how something so small can lay you so low, but when it gets bad the elbow can make everything from hauling groceries to playing with the dog an exercise in pain management.

Post a picture pointing to where it hurts.

From: Old School
Yep - I feel your pain as well. Right elbow on the outside and left on the inside. One is golfers elbow and the other is tennis elbow. Need to get on a stretching program and see if that will take care of it. Crazy how it limits what you can/can’t do.

From: Stick
I had it so bad, I could not pick up a salt shaker without severe shots 3 times, but kept coming back...icing helps some along with the stretching, but I finally got put on pain left in a week to 10 days and after 3 weeks I was cured...

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